What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Also, it would be helpful for the ones that don’t have exactly the same meaning but are similar. I goof up so often on the transitive/intransitive pairs and other small differences: to fix, to be fixed; to see, can see; to find, to be found, etc.



I feel like my request will be a tad bit unusual, but I thought I would try to ask for it and maybe others would be interested too.

I just started WaniKani again after a two year break and working on my rewiews that accumulated before activating vacation mode. The moment I started with my Master and Enlightened Reviews I noticed that I would not remember the failed vocabulary/kanji if I don’t see them as often as if they would be Apprentice (they are now Guru and will only come back in one and two weeks, I’m sure I will have forgotten them by then bc of the 2 year break). I know I could just wait, but I would also like to start with new lessons asap and kinda want to check off my old reviews before I start with new ones.

That’s why I would like to ask for a Userscript that lets one reset specific Items in one of the other SRS stages than Burned Items (Like Burn Manager, only for e.g. Guru Items).

Thanks for listening!

Scripts aren’t able to do that (there’s no individual item-reset capability anywhere), but you could intentionally answer the reviews incorrectly a few times in the same session to set them back further. For every pair of wrong answers (meaning+reading), the item will go down 2 levels if it was Guru or higher.

I still want to see the script that “Mark as wrong”, both on the Review screen and on the Summary screen.

Exaggerating the wrong should be a good thing, isn’t it?

Doesn’t Ethan have a script that allows you to do that? Well, not on the summary screen, but during reviews.

It is dead after “the WaniKani Major Update”.

Ahh, okay.

Ahh I see! Will probably do that then… though I already cringe away every time the answer field turns red… :dizzy_face:
Thanks for your quick reply!

Slight more serious suggestion than my last one.

I’d love to see a script that lets you temporarily shove an item to the bottom of your review pile, so it doesn’t show up until you do all the rest of your reviews. (I know WK likes to shuffle things, so this might only be doable within a single session?)

Basically it’s be a tool for people who are working on backlogs: you could zip through all the items that you know pretty well and keep them going up the SRS levels, and then afterwards slowly work on the items you’re having trouble with (try an answer, get it wrong, carefully read the mnemonics, try again, etc).

Just a suggestion if someone is inspired.


I’d like something that can give me a list of my most recent summary vocab so I can practice making sentences with it afterwards.

Has someone ever thought about making a script that adds furigana to the example sentences/例文 that WK gives you? It could also make sure to not show furigana to the Kanji already guru’d.



Can we have a website/widget to keep track of progress using a graph instead of a bar chart?
If there were n-digit keys, we can compare with other people by sharing keys.
Or, add to a list of people you are following.

It would be nice to be able to compare the incline speed as opposed to the average days on each level.
Graph axis would be Level vs Days Spent. Scaled appropriately.
There would be no exception to vacations and long levels unfortunately.
It would cap off at level 60 and people could compare graphs even if they have a level difference.

Hello is there a way to fix “wanikani reorder ultimate” ? I’m getting this error “Failed to update UIDs”.
I would be grateful.

This is such a good idea, Once you get past level 10 or 12 they no longer have a “simple sentence” that is restricted to only the kanji you have learned. After that they are just basically useless sentences to get context for your kanji from because they have so many kanji that you don’t know yet in them. Probably the most disappointing thing about wanikani so far was the disappearance of those simple sentences.

Apparently, the WK’s team already spoke about this recently. They’ll release 3 sentences per vocab where you’ll be able to read the Kanji on 2 (something like that) :slight_smile:

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Good to hear!

[Edit: Nevermind… it’s a different problem.]

Is there anyone that could make a mistake delay like this one, but just one that works.

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^^^ New version:


I don’t know how this would be possible but I’d really like a script that makes some people’s messages on the forums invisible. Maybe something that you could toggle on an off. Just for those times when you’re annoyed with a certain person but don’t want to cause drama. It’d be cool to just be able to hide them for a while so you don’t have to see their messages. :smiley: