What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Ethan said...
kwecky said... Hey, do you think you could make a userscript that adds a button that allows you to say if you gave the incorrect answer at the readings, like if you just didn't gat the correct answer in your head, but WK just say "That's close eneugh" an example of this, is 入れる(to insert) that I say "to enter", because I was thinking of 入る (to enter). I don't want credit for something i got incorrect. 
I basically want the oppsite of wanikani override. You think you could do that?
Do you mean something like the Close but no cigar script that I wrote a few months ago?
 Kinda, but I want to manually choose when I had a typo, and when I just didn't know the answer.
My english spelling kinda sucks, so there are many times I just don't know how to spell the word, but I know it eneugh to rely on WK to get that I knew the answer.