What do you use to study grammar?

So, currently, I am only using WK as an active study guide. I know basic grammar but am looking for other resources to learn grammar. I know that many here use Bunpro to study grammar but I find it kind of confusing and easy to forget important principles using it. I want something similar to WK but for grammar with a good structure, ideally free. Also, at what level did you start to learn grammar, because I’ve heard a few people say that you should wait until level 10. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense but I am trying to get at least conversationally fluent in Japanese but only have a very basic grasp on it.


My grammar journey was super mixed.
I learned in classes and from youtube.
I started learning grammar before using wanikani.
Before wanikani, I really enjoyed the Japanese from Zero series which is free on YouTube.
Cure dolly helped me with some of the trickier concepts.
Grammar is a constant struggle for me though.

Don’t wait! Start grammar ASAP!

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It took me a long time to find resources that work for me, and to find my footing with grammar. CureDolly made so many concepts much easier to grasp for me (as someone hopeless at grammar and not a native English speaker). In the beginning, I would add what CureDolly covered to my BunPro queue, to keep the knowledge fresh.

With regards to BunPro, do you only use the summary that they give, or do you actually go through the recommended reading that they link to? Taking the time to read a more complete and proper explanation can go a long way.

Other than that, re-listening to a selection of native things repeatedly helped me a lot. I’d pick something I had seen with English subs before, so that I could focus mainly on recognising vocab and grammar structures, rather than working out the story. And then I’d just run that audio all the time over my headphones. And every single repetition, I would recognise more of the BunPro points that I kept learning, helping to cement things that much more.

The WK book clubs are also good for people to practise and implement grammar knowledge. Seeing grammar used many different times in many different contexts gives your mind more pathways to link it all together.

Grammar can be such a beast to wrestle with, but the results are so incredibly worth it! Best of luck!


I study in a classroom, using みんなの日本語 textbook series. I’ve tried to use other resources for grammar studies, especially when I was gearing up for jlpt, but nothing really sticks, so I just go along with my classes, mostly.

Genki, Kanzen Master, DOJGR

To the first question, sorry, not a grammarer.
To the second question, not a grammarer.

In more detail, I learn grammar primarily through exposure (reading, listening, etc.). After seeing something 10 times, my brain often figures it out on it’s own. If I see something multiple times and my brain still can’t figure it out, I will spend a minute or two looking up that specific point online. Over a long period of time this seems to be working pretty well. Plus it has the added benefit of allowing me to avoid studying grammar. :upside_down_face: :turtle: :rofl:


Didn’t you go through DOJGR cover to cover?

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Dictionary Of Japanese Grammar-Rammar? :thinking:




This is how I use Bunpro. I just add new lessons and do the reviews and fail over and over again until it sticks and I stop failing. :joy:


Genki reinforced with Bunpro. Japense Ammo videos help me too in telling me nuances not explained in the textbook.

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I use Genki, though I recently started watching CureDolly. At first, it took a little getting use to, but it really helped me to grasp certain grammar concepts that weren’t really explained well in Genki. Bunpro has helped to cement what I’ve learned with Genki, and I love the SRS review.

idk how much basic grammar you know, but Tae Kim’s guide covers all the essentials, though a bit briefly, if you’re looking for something free and not Youtube. Imabi also covers a lot (it’s also free), but it’s very comprehensive/kinda complicated for beginners.

re:Bunpro, it’s the only grammar service that I know that’s similar to WK. It was a bit confusing for me to learn to use when I first started as well, but it’s just something you get used to. The “learn” section definitely isn’t the best method to actually learn the grammar, but the “reviews” have been immensely helpful for me in learning how to use/remember grammar. (Though I guess you could get a similar effect by reading a lot too.)

And others have already said this but you can get started learning grammar as soon as you want! The sooner the better.

I learned through books like Genki.

But what really helps me study it so it stays in my head is to look up sentences (on Weblio, for example) and break down grammar points being used in a sentence (e.g. identifying clauses, determining how particles are being used, etc.) Anything I don’t understand I look up and can generally find an online resource for.

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