What do you use to learn pitch accent?

For those who are doing/have done that, what is your approach?


Listening carefully is the most efficient one.


If you want something more formal and written, there’s also the NHK pronunciation dictionary:


Which you could then supplement by listening to NHK broadcasts.

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I personally use Dogen’s patreon videos, I’ll come back and edit with a link to his first few on YouTube.
That in combination with the script that adds pitch info to WaniKani, and as Leebo said just listening carefully to people I’m around everyday.

Edit (links):
YouTube (first phonetics video)-

They eventually delve into a lot more detail. I believe through episode 4 is free on YouTube.

Pitch Accent Script-


I listen to a lot of Japanese media and imitate them by saying out loud what those native speaker said and I’ll use pitch accent references from an easy reference to a more complete one referenced by Leebo.

So im just talking to my host sister, so maybe find a native Japanese speaker and talk to them i guess also ofc ask them to correct you if you make mistakes

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