What do you like about Japan?

Hi guys ! I have a question for you and I want to see your opinion about this: What do you like the most about Japan ? I love Japanese culture . How about you? :wink:


It’s so clean!


Yes! It is super clean. They have good awareness.


They use Japanese language!


The food, the iaido community, seeing fall colors, anime collaboration cafes, used anime goods are cheap and easy to find, visiting shrines and temples, it’s easy to find used wafuku…

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Japanese is amazing. I think that’s why you learn it!

I love those too! :wink:

Koi :heart::fish:, the beautiful gardens and ponds (seriously, that landscaping, beautiful; even small gardens in people’s homes are beautiful a lot of the time), the amount of detail and focus that goes into carefully preparing sushi/meat/cocktails, people being quiet on the train, getting wet towels in every restaurant, heated toilet seats with music, matcha everything, people being able to queue, hardly any littering, the appreciation for things like cherry blossoms and autumn leaves (in Austria it would be just „yeah damn it it’s autumn again, soon it will be winter“), stationary, pottery, every sign having some cute looking character on it instead of just saying „don’t get your fingers stuck in the train doors“, mostly punctual trains, MOS burger, people leaving their bags on a chair in Starbucks to reserve their seat, being able to wear masks when you have a cold or don’t want to get one without being looked at strangely, the vending machines, konbini food and opening hours, Ishigaki :heart::tropical_fish: (to end that list where it began; fish, ponds and the ocean make me happy )

Plenty of things I dislike too and I would not want to live there but as a tourist it is for me the best country to visit.

If I really had to answer what is the one single person hing I like the most then I would say appreciation for doing things well and with attention to detail . That then leads to a lot of other things on my list.


That’s nice! :grin:

Seven/eleven Melon pan!


Great! LOL :blush:

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I love the variety of very small stores that survive by doing one thing really well. In my home country, the norm is starting to tend towards one shop expanding to do many many things, overring too many services and tending towards general mediocrity.


It’s addictive :sob:


Clean, safe, and easy to get to the mountains.


You’re right! :wink:

When I got interested in Buddhism, I became really interested in the zen sect, and the way it is represented in the gardens and general design. From this, I also became more interested in shintoism and the architecture that was influenced by it. Also the samurai clans and ancient military technology are intriguing and origami, which I love, comes from japan. I had always liked chinese characters and their symbolism and how they just looked “cool” and was learning the language for some time. Japanese had a much more interesting and logical grammar structure and more pleasant-sounding pronunciation (at least I think so) so I started to learn it.


I was first interested because I really liked those ninja / samurai LEGO figures.

When I got a little bit older, I started to read about japanese history which I found highly intriguing.
That made me interested in japanese culture as a whole because some aspects were very alien to me.

So I dug deeper and found many very interesting things which eventually made me travel to Japan.
I liked it a lot.
As you described, it is very clean, the food is delicious and healthy, the landscape is beautiful (even though winter and summer could be less… extreme? imo) and even the small things such as the ease of public transportation in Tokyo appealed to me.


walking at any time of day/night with or without headphones and not have to look over your shoulder constantly


67% forest cover which is more than double the world average of 29% and more than four times the pathetic 13% that we have here in the UK.

That’s pretty neato.


The awesome food ( for me 海の幸!)牡蠣、牡蠣、牡蠣!生牡蠣!焼きガキ!マグロ、鯵、鯖、明太子、明太子スパゲッティ、イカ墨汁、イカ墨パスタ!、沖縄の夏の夜空!ヤモリ、ゴーヤチャンプル!なまり節!卵の黄身の深い色!、電車、モノレール、ラジオの番組(ジャズもクラシックが豊富!)喫茶店、おしぼり、室内土足厳禁、畳、海風!まだまだ沢山ありますが、とりあえず!I love the bounty of that the adjacent sea offers, e.g., oysters, oysters…did I mention oysters?! fresh oysters, fried oysters, tuna, horse mackerel, mackerel, spicy cod roe, spicy cod roe w/ spagetti, squid ink soup, squid ink pasta! The summer night sky in Okinawa! Geckos! Goya Champuru! dried, cured bonito! The deep color of egg yolks! Trains! Monorails! The great Jazz and Classical offerings on NHK radio, Kissaten, Oshibori towels, No shoes allowed indoors, Tatami, The salty ocean breezes …and so so much more …so, for a start…

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