What Devices Do You Use in Japanese?

What sorts of things in your everyday life do you use in Japanese? I’m especially thinking about devices and applications, because I realized today that I’m at a point where my cell phone, computer, facebook, youtube account and nintendo switch are in Japanese. I think I started using my cell phone in Japanese about a year ago, and went from there. Of course, if I need to change something in my settings, I try to do it first in Japanese and then switch to English if I can’t figure it out. It can be a little frustrating at times, and I’ve also gotten to a point where I’ve memorized what a lot of things do and don’t really look at the Japanese anymore.

Also, what kinds of vocab have you learned? For example, I’ve absorbed 未読 (unread) and 既読 (read) for messenger, or 投稿 (post/publication) for Facebook. I feel like it’s a really good way to pick up some everyday language, actually!

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Well, I play my games in japanese when they have a japanese setting. Consequently, I have my system locale set to japanese so some of those games don’t flip out. This causes some application setups and stuff to turn into japanese, so thats fun.

EDIT: Forgot to talk about vocab.

Hm, as you would probably expect, I really just learn a bunch of terminology from the games I play. Im on my laptop right now which doesn’t have and IME set up, so I cant give many examples, but im sure if you look at my post history you’ll get an idea. Just look at the stuff I talk about with @Syphus


I had my phone switched for a while, but ended up switching it back, since my fiance uses my phone sometimes, and she can’t read that much kanji. It’s mainly only a problem when she navigates using my google maps.

Also, my WK forums is in Japanese, but I didn’t think about switching fb or youtube. hmm I think I’ll switch those now…

I’m familiar enough with iOS to be able to use my phone in Japanese. There are still a lot of things I’m unable to read but after years of using it I can just infer from context what it means (usually).

I haven’t really changed the language on much, since usually it ends up being more of an inconvenience, but I recently changed my default keyboard on windows to Japanese, which has for some reason made half of windows change to Japanese. I’d change my phone, but there’s no way for me to change it to Japanese.

When I was changing my phone to Japanese, at first I was disappointed because it didn’t appear to have Japanese… but actually Japanese was all the way at the bottom (instead of between I and K languages) because it was spelled 日本語 vice Japanese, and the list was sorted alpha order, with special characters at the bottom.

I know I’ve read before that some phones just don’t support Japanese, but maybe it’s that instead?

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Unfortunately I can only choose between like 6 languages on my phone, and I’ve tried to check online. Something about localisation.

I figure if I’m often baffled at how to use my phone in English, probably best not to change it to Japanese.

I’ll probably switch my computer to Japanese eventually, though.

My work computers are in Japanese. It’s usually not a problem unless there’s some sort of error (like with outlook) or if I can’t remember how to do something on Office. Because my computer is in Japanese all websites are also default Japanese.

My phone is partially in Japanese. After I bought it I switched it over to English but some of the functions (like Siri) are still in Japanese for some reason. It’s a little annoying to think of voice commands in Japanese but it’s fun.

I can’t really think of anything specific I have learned vocabulary wise but I am sure that I have learned some stuff. Especially with things related to Word.

(not sure how much some things count though since I live in Japan. Like my TV is in Japanese, ATMs etc etc haha)

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Have you tried setting Siri’s language to English manually?

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Pretty much everything from my rice cooker, my computer at work to my cell phone is in Japanese. It keeps me focused on that daily Japanese grind, I find it also helps some escape that Gaijin Bubble so many get stuck in when first arriving to japan.

My work computer is in Japanese, and I am nowhere near ready to deal with it. On top of that, I use a Mac at home and Windows at work. Even though a lot of the things I need to do can be done from muscle memory, there are a few differences between the Japanese and English versions. My PowerPoints kinda suck because I can’t navigate the fancy stuff very well. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but I nearly had a breakdown yesterday when I was trying to get a video to play on the projector.

I’ve come to think of print (印) as “that-one-that-kinda-looks-like-egg” (卵).

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Thanks for the suggestion! That’s probably what I need to do.,…

But I’m kind of getting used to it so maybe I’ll just leave it. Even if I don’t speak to anyone else in Japanese at least I know Siri is there for me haha

Siri is pretty much the only one who hears me speak Japanese lol. Still, at least the phrase for “set a timer for x minutes” has been burned into my head!

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At the risk of getting lost, I have my Google Maps set to speak Japanese. I mostly can only pick up on 右, 左, and numbers though.

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