WaniKani Is Working

I changed my iPad language to Japanese to help me practice and when I turned it on, I could actually read the date and the vocabulary for “input” when it told me to input my password. It’s so exciting for me when I see the stuff I learn on here in real life. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good for you! I’m not that brave, the most I’ve done is put my Siri in Japanese. Lol

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I really want to change my whole laptop language to Japanese but I’m too scared I might do something drastic o.O


Yeah I’m kind of scared that I’ll just tap a random button and accidentally clear all my stuff or something because I can’t read like 96.5% of the Japanese writing on my iPad


both my computer and my phone are in japanese. It’s ok because everything still is where it is, and it’s cool when you suddenly learn a kanji you’ve been staring at for awhile (im looking at you 履歴). Just a huge pain in the ass when I open a new app and it gives me all these instructions in japanese or when I try to use excel

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Ooo. Are the function names different in Japanese?

function names are actually the same, but it’s hard to find/change elements for my graphs and charts, and those kinds of things

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actually the other day it took me forever to find (find and replace) in microsoft word :disappointed:


Or, Cmd-H on a Mac, I guess.

I love your background picture, where can I get it?

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I’ve had all my phone contacts in Japanese for over a year, its like reading my ABC’s now :stuck_out_tongue:

I could also read and understand most food menus in Japan and nearly fully understand all the train station/bus station information (names of places in hiragana/katakana) while my friends struggled with Google translate lol.

Hearing ”次は、次はシブヤです” and understanding it made me happier than it should have.

It really does work!


As an added bonus, there’s nothing quite like spending two weeks on trains hearing 出口は右側で to finally help you distinguish your 右 from your 左. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or hearing/reading 下さい literally a million times, oh my god do they use that a lot. Please this, please that.

Though I love how they have お待ちください written on every pedestrian crossing button :smiley:


My god, at every station announcement I racked my brain over the first word, and seeing it written I realized it’s just 出口 with an honorific お before it.


Oh, thank you! I actually just searched up “best backgrounds” lol.

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