What can I do while I wait for WK to speed up a bit?


I’m still on level four and WK is still pretty slow, and I’ve got plenty of time to study Japanese, so I have started on Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese. Is there anything else I can do while I wait for things to get stressful?

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Take a look at this thread. :grin:


BunPro is a good companion.

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Depending on your level, study every other part of Japanese. Grab some textbooks/test books. Hit up grammar, listening, reading, vocab (iKnow is good for a WK-like vocab experience), etc.


You can watch this

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Enjoy your last moments of peace.


You could start studying some additional vocabulary.

[10k WK Breakdown]


you could watch the news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu2etwHzcvw

study grammar


Where did you get this?


I second this, but I like to reinforce: do not skip the suggested reading while adding lessons to reviews or you’ll likely end up with a bunch of leeches, or worst, understanding the mechanical aspect of a grammar point but not understanding nuance of usage.