What blown your mind the most? When you actually learn Japanese properly

For me it was うま味 (うまみ)it’s the word that’ve been adopted to many languages.

When I was studying the grammar point about さ and み. I couldn’t grasp the concept of them.
Until they show a sample sentence including うま味. I was like wow it’s make sense now うまい うまみ


chairo is brown because tea is brown


Learning a bunch of concepts that don’t exist or aren’t as emphasized as in other language. For example, like. plurality. りんごを食べます can mean both “I eat an apple” or “I eat apples.” It’s not made explicit in Japanese. Because of that, I finally understand why when you see Japanese people trying to speak English, they often mix up words like 'the", ‘an’, ‘a’ and whether not to use them at all.

It’s like with ‘R’ and ‘L’ sound, but with grammar. (good god grammar!)

Also Waluigi → わるいぎ → 悪いジ → Eviluigi :exploding_head:


From what I know a lot of East Asian langauges don’t have plurality concept either. I guess they were influenced by Chinese long time ago. (Just my guess)

My most recent one was probably realizing that honcho comes from Japanese (班長) not Spanish, which for some reason I had just assumed it was


Yeah, now that I think about it, we also don’t have any grammatical quirks that deal with plurality in Indonesian. I only paid attention to it since I started Japanese. Guess I took my English for granted lol.

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That vocab touched me so greatly that I immediately texted both my mom and my boyfriend about it

Me learning english and nouns being gender neutral be like
Oh and wario and waluigi are literally just misunderstood, you can see in the manual for mario land 2 that wario was never popular nor had material posessions while mario was a chad basically

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When I saw the radical “Tsunami” on level 5, I was like wait… hang on… tsu na mi … is a romanised English word XD


I posted this elsewhere but when I learned 遊戯ゆうぎ was “game” the first thing that popped into my mind was 遊戯王ゆうぎおう :joy:


It was very early on. Having heard the term gaijin before but then seeing it in kanji as 外人 was like, “Ohhh… of course!”

It was at that point I started to appreciate the kanji system.


For me it’s 絵文字 so far. I always assumed it was somehow derived from ‘emotion’.


There is already a thread like this. :eyes: