Weird use of the repeater kanji

I have this song title by a band I like:


I know every kanji there but “二ヶ月後” is throwing me off, mostly because of the use of the repeater. Can someone help me with this?

My friend jokingly said “22 months”, but I’m not sure, he could be right.

That’s not the repeater. That’s a counter. It’s used for counting months and some other things. This is the repeater. 々


Well would you look at how dumb I am. Level and I make that mistake? I’m ashamed of myself :cry:

Thanks for the very fast reply.

Yeah that counts months like 二ヶ月(にかげつ)、三ヶ月(さんかげつ), etc

That song title means “to the you of two months after”

Just for completion, sometimes also written with a small ka:

And sometimes with a normal か, too. It’s not too uncommon to see something like “三か月” (even if ヶ is more common).

Tell me about it. :slight_smile:

Unrelated to topic but about small kana

I live in 三ッ沢(みつざわ)

The tsu is small but the IME’s don’t really work. So a lot of places use a normal one.

When using the iPhone Flick Kana, I can’t find my town in the suggestions. My town is not that famous.

When typing in a Wapuro IME, the results are sketchy.

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I have something that has been bugging me and perhaps this is the right thread.

Why do we have to learn the reading of the repeater? Of what use is it?

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So that you know how to refer to the repeater in Japanese.

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I’ve found a Wikipedia article for 々.

Mistakes are awesome! They make you learn.

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