Weird Kanji Readings are not helpful!

Leebo is fine. James actually isn’t my name… it’s something the forum admins slapped on there… don’t worry about it.

Sure, both 女の人 and 女の子 are basic as well, but if you teach the おんな reading initially, then you get precisely one word out of it. 女 (おんな). 女の子 and 女の人 are just 女 attached to other words with の, at their core.

The other words I mentioned each have their own time and place to be used. They are all common and basic as well. None of them are rare or advanced words.

Of course, WK teaches all of these. おんな is taught in a vocab lesson. But じょ appears in a wide variety of words. おんな appears in only one (but that word does get used in what are essentially phrases).

I actually have a thread where I talk about how and when to use all the various words for “girl.”