Weird Experiences While Learning Japanese


So, the other day, I was sitting around with some free time and had just finished reading a part of some book in Japanese on my kindle. I suddenly decided to start reading a book in English for a break, which I have not done in a few months. I was already in the middle of said English book, but the weirdest thing happened when I finished reading the page I was on. I clicked left to change pages and went backwards instead of forwards! It took me a few seconds to realize what I had done wrong. English is read left to right. I felt like such an idiot. But as I kept reading I kept making the same mistake over and over again. I guess reading so much Japanese ingrained this habit in me which is such a weird thing as a native English reader…

Anyone else have weird things happen to them after studying Japanese for a while???


I literally forget English words sometimes after Ive been studying/thinking in Japanese for a while… brains are weird.


I’m a Portuguese native and I speak a mix of Portuguese/English/Japanese on my every day life. Why? Because there’s always a word that better conveys what I want to say in one of these languages.

The other day I even had a presentation at the University and the only complaint my Professor had was that in some parts, the Portuguese was weird.


I learned a bunch of french when I was younger (being Canadian…) but it’s super rusty and not overly conversational, and now when I try to come up with French sentences japanese words keep intruding.

Nous taberons les ringos…


If you think going backwards in a kindle is embarrassing, try dealing with opening every English book from the back. :smiley:


Haha. I had a similar experience where I was trying to help some lady who only spoke Spanish with directions (I know a little Spanish from studying it when I was younger) but I kept accidentally using Japanese words because that is the mode I am in lately. It was so frustrating.


That’s like my German :smiley: I had german classes for 12 years and now (without learning from a book) I can speak better in English (Hungarian is my first language) and now I’m learning Japanese. Sometimes when I’m thinking about something Japanese words just come into my brain out of nowhere. I tried forcing myself to do the same in German, but it didn’t work…


Same ! Whenever I’m late for German class at uni I end up blurting out “sumimasen” instead of “entschuldigung” or whatever the word for sorry is in this God-forsaken tongue… My feeble knowledge of German is slowly getting washed out by Japanese


I have a j-pop song for a ringtone and just now nearly used もうしもうし when I picked up the phone.

I think 仕方がない when things go sideways… and if I really am sorry, ごめんなさい。


most notable japanese influence in my speech these days are あいづち :sweat_smile: … I catch myself saying そうか。。。そうか。。。 more often every day :astonished:


Sometime doing reviews, i see something i think ive forgotten /or dont know, but my fingers has already typed the answer and pressed enter and got the answer correct.

Did i know the answer, was it lucky guess, or was it musle memory?