Week-long trip - advice for review maintenance please!

A lot of times people will take unplanned breaks or burn out … and by the time they think to use vacation mode the reviews are already so piled up that it’s not worth the bother. That’s what happened to me.

(And some people don’t like that it pauses ALL your reviews including the long-term ones. For example, if you’re due to burn something in 40 days, then you go on vacation for a month, when you come back you’ll still have to wait 40 more days.)

Personally I’d say hit the vacation button and go have fun. Sounds like you’ll have enough Japanese-reading opportunities on your trip without WK. :slight_smile: Or give it a try for a couple days and hit pause as soon as you see them piling up.

Enjoy the trip!

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Vacation mode treats a symptom, not a problem. Coming back to an empty vacation queue or a pile of 500 reviews mean the same thing for your learning. You’ll have to do those reviews someday. Whether you embrace the SRS and do them as they would normally come up, or you delay them a week with vacation mode, you haven’t changed your fate.


That may be true but 500 spaced out by SRS is much more manageable to recover from than starring down the barrels of those two zeroes.

There are international/Japanese book stores in Melbourne? o.o Where?
I went to Sydney over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and lost my mind going to Books Kinokuniya as I didn’t know there was something in Melbourne. I’m clearly missing out.

When I go away, I try to knock as many reviews out of the way in the morning before doing anything.

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That’s the plan

Bookstores that google brings up:

Honya in Flinders St, CBD
Language International Bookshop in Station St, Kew East
Metropolis Bookshop in Swanston St, CBD

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I think I tried to find that one once and had no luck finding it between construction sites, so I gave up. I’ll have to look for it again. The other two I haven’t heard of, so thank you!

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I’m not sure if you’re replying to me or not but in case you are - I have said I’m not going to use vacation mode several times

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Oh, bugger. I hope it’s still there

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