Week 6: 幻惑の死と使途 - Illusion acts like Magic

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Week 6


Start Date: Jul 08
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 6 Jul 08 Chapter 13 60

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
有里 匠幻 ありさと しょうげん Elderly magician (Week 1)
簔沢 杜萌 みのさわ ともえ Moe’s friend
浜中 深志 はまなか ふかし Saikawa’s student
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ
蒲郡 がまごおり place name
吉川 よしかわ member of the magicians’ show
有里タケル ありさと performing magician
有里ナガル ありさと performing magician
ミカル girl involved with the magicians
滝野ヶ池緑地公園 park in Nagono
(Week 2)

I’m a couple weeks behind now. Currently getting ready to move from Japan to the US, so I don’t have much time to read. I haven’t stopped reading though, just not moving fast enough to catch up.

Maybe I’ll still start Replaceable Summer with you guys so I can test the theory that the human mind is capable of digesting non-linear information.


Well that was probably one of the most telegraphed deaths ever. (Still happened a bit later in the chapter than I expected.)

Don’t know exactly how it was done, but this seems like a prime situation where the general solution is Mikaru was killed beforehand and it was someone else (presumably the killer) on top of the building to hide the true time of death. That means the culprit would probably be a woman. So now I’m starting to suspect Murase just to clear the way for Yoko moving forward…

My friend showed me this yesterday, and… yeah. You can probably figure out what I thought of. (NSFW warning)

Anyway, when is the 使途 going to show up?


The next chapter is called 奇術の使徒 so I would think pretty soon.

By the way, next week is just chapter 15 which is 31 pages. Is anyone really gonna stop there? Given that the big reveal/Saikawa lecture comes right after that…

(I always kinda hope that Moe will solve the mystery for once, but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. I get it, she’s Watson, it’s not her role…)


Of course we should stop there, that’s when we need to put our thinking caps on and solve the mystery…! Since it won’t take much time to read, it means there’s just that much more time for thinking!


Well I’m terrible at that so I’ll just watch you show me how it’s done :sweat_smile:


Random thought–there’s a flaw with Moe’s theory for Shougen’s murder: there was no way to guarantee the divers would bring up the decoy box and not the real box. This isn’t a ‘fatal’ flaw since even if they did get the real box, it (presumably) would reveal the method but not the culprit, but if you’re going to go through all this I think you’d want better than a coin flip for your plan working properly.


Yeah… I thought it implied that the divers were in on it, but that was no mentioned.

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