Week 5: 本陣殺人事件

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Week 5


Start Date: Jan 29th
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Week Start Date Chapter Names Page Count
Week 5 Jan 29th 「二通の手紙」、「墓をあばいて」 ~25.5

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
井上 英三 いのうえ えいぞう Narrator’s friend (Chapter 1: 三本指の男) (Week 1)
一柳 賢蔵 いちやなぎ けんぞう Head of the family, eldest son, 40 yo, philosopher, lives with his parents
一柳 糸子 いちやなぎ いとこ Kenzou’s mother, widow, 57 yo (Chapter 2: 本陣の末裔)
一柳 妙子 いちやなぎ たえこ Second child, eldest daughter, lives in Shanghai
一柳 隆二 いちやなぎ りゅうじ Third child, second son, 35yo, doctor in Osaka
一柳 三郎 いちやなぎ さぶろう Fourth child, third son, 25yo, lives with his parents
一柳 鈴子 いちやなぎ すずこ Fifth child, second daughter, 17yo, lives with her parents
一柳 良介 いちやなぎ りょうすけ Cousin of the five children, 38yo
一柳 秋子 いちやなぎ あきこ 良介’s wife
久保 克子 くぼ かつこ 賢蔵’s fiancé
久保 林吉 くぼ りんきち 克子’s father, deceased, fruit farmer
鈴子’s cat
久保 銀造 くぼ ぎんぞう 克子’s uncle and the one who raised her/supports her (Week 2)
源七 げんしち 作男
週吉 しゅうきち The miller/小作
磯川 常次郎 いそかわ つねじろう 警部
木村 きむら 刑事
川田 かわた・かわだ The お主婦, or at least the 飯屋 she runs
This week spoiler

So we have another suspect called mr. T who isn’t the three-finger man, the bridge of the koto was found into 隠居さん’s kimono sleeve and small message in the cat grave. The end seems close. I still have no idea what’s could have happened during both crimes.



My current theory is:

The koto playing was accomplished by manipulating the thread of the koto with some mechanism - this mechanism or getting rid of the evidence caused the thread to break and a kotoji to come loose. Probably this was used to connect another thread? To the outside. The scratching sound as well can be explained by a semi random movement caused by this trick. The sword getting outside could be accomplished by such a trick as well.
The most suspicious imo right now are 糸子, 隆二, 三郎 (though I’m almost sure 三郎 is at most playing detective in his own right, and that his incident was a copycat thing), and I’m not sure at all what role 田谷 plays in all this. 金田一’s question to the lady at the tabacco shop seems to indicate that the 3 fingered man may have been simply a suspicious looking but innocent guy on his way past the village, used as a convenient scapegoat by whoever orchestrated the crime. I wonder if they’ll actually find someone who matches the new fingerprints.

Please keep in mind I’m no detective. :joy:


Not sure it’s a message, it sounds more like an object but it’s not very clear. We’ll find out soon I guess.

I personally have no clue about anything but I like it this way! I’m quite enjoying the book.