Week 2: 本陣殺人事件

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Week 2


Start Date: Jan 8th
Previous Part: Week 1
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Week Start Date Chapter Names Page Count
Week 2 Jan 8th 「大惨劇」、「琴爪の新用途」、「鎌と琴柱」 ~30.5

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
井上 英三 いのうえ えいぞう Narrator’s friend (Chapter 1: 三本指の男) (Week 1)
一柳 賢蔵 いちやなぎ けんぞう Head of the family, eldest son, 40 yo, philosopher, lives with his parents
一柳 糸子 いちやなぎ いとこ Kenzou’s mother, widow, 57 yo (Chapter 2: 本陣の末裔)
一柳 妙子 いちやなぎ たえこ Second child, eldest daughter, lives in Shanghai
一柳 隆二 いちやなぎ りゅうじ Third child, second son, 35yo, doctor in Osaka
一柳 三郎 いちやなぎ さぶろう Fourth child, third son, 25yo, lives with his parents
一柳 鈴子 いちやなぎ すずこ Fifth child, second daughter, 17yo, lives with her parents
一柳 良介 いちやなぎ りょうすけ Cousin of the five children, 38yo
一柳 秋子 いちやなぎ あきこ 良介’s wife
久保 克子 くぼ かつこ 賢蔵’s fiancé
久保 林吉 くぼ りんきち 克子’s father, deceased, fruit farmer
鈴子’s cat
Name Reading Notes Proof
久保 銀造 くぼ ぎんぞう 克子’s uncle and the one who raised her/supports her
源七 げんしち 作男
週吉 しゅうきち The miller/小作
磯川 常次郎 いそかわ つねじろう 警部
木村 きむら 刑事
川田 かわた・かわだ The お主婦, or at least the 飯屋 she runs

My favorite phrase from this week is “のっぺらぼう” (Kindle version, 11%, location 622)!

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still a hard read for this week.

This week's spoiler

Lots of details about traditional Japanese houses that I don’t know even in English make it hard to follow. I follow the general story but prob missed out on a lot of info. Good thing there was this map to help me make sense of it.
btw if someone can help me with the note 隆二 brought at the end of the second chapter from this week when it said:

So 克子 will die, bring me 金田一氏
What is that 金田一氏
Thank you


金田一 is a chapter title for next week’s reading! (:


Also, 氏 here is a respectful suffix for a name like Mr, Mrs, etc., so there may turn out to be an important character with the family name 金田一


Not to spoil but it was actually in the nomination post: “The novel introduces Kosuke Kindaichi, a popular fictional detective who featured in seventy-seven Yokomizo mysteries.”


Well it’s not technically in past tense but given that she did die, I took it to mean “克子 died” . According to HiNative: 「○○死す」 is old fashioned but still used in newspapers titles to mean 「○○が死んだ」
And it’s 金田一氏ヲヨコセ btw.

And yeah lots of japanese architecture and 琴 vocab. But there’s a decent amount of dialog/action so it’s not too bad I find. (Which reminds me we didn’t get the satisfaction polls for panorama island?)

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I think just a mixture of forgetting / neglect on my part. I don’t know how to do the graphs, the timing/template is a bit less obvious than the scheduled thread-making, and I’ve avoided the satisfaction polls on things I’ve read for the club myself out of indecision, so I ended up waiting to see if someone with more investment in the dataset than me would post them or mention it. (out of similar indecision).

Should I go make those now?

I could do the graph for you if you like? (But it’s really just an excel graph of the numbers in the weekly polls and threads, nothing spectacular.)

Good point, I just went ahead and did it :sweat_smile:


They might not be important to the mystery, but I’m just going to list some names that aren’t in the op to better remember them.

久保銀造(ぎんぞう?), 克子’s uncle and the one who raised her/supports her. And 源七(げんしち?), the 作男… I think. Oh, also the miller/小作, 週吉(しゅうきち?).

4/8 for catching up so far. I’ll probably make it in time for week 4. :slight_smile:

I really like that map at the beginning of chapter 5. Really makes it feel like we should be solving this mystery as we go. :sparkles:


Thanks! I’ve added the new names to the OP. According to the Wikipedia page, you were right on all the readings :+1:

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Continuing with the names:
磯川警部, probably いそかわ, maybe いそがわ.
The お主婦, or at least the 飯屋 she runs, gets a name too: 川田.

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Thanks for the names, I’ve added them to the OP.

Wikipedia claims it’s the former.

Funny how neither you nor Wikipedia care to give the reading for this one :joy_cat:

This one is not in Wikipedia (therefore I assume it’s not a person’s name but actually the shop name, like you suspected). The reading is 50:50 between かわた and かわだ according to 姓「川田」の読み方・読み確率 - すごい名前生成器 so I added them both :woman_shrugging:

Well 木村 is 木村, after all :crazy_face:
Thank you!

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