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Week 5


Start Date: Dec 31
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Week 5 Dec 31 Chapter 5 ~60

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西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ

Well we’re getting some interesting info. The truck is irrelevant and the kid definitely found blood. Will be interesting to see how this comes together.

I wonder how long the book would be if we just got all this sort of info at once, rather than having it drip-fed through long scenes of Moe being moe… Mori’s soft spot for her is definitely showing.

Tbh, I’d root for Ukai if there was any chance Moe won’t end up with Saikawa.

I was also a bit confused with the truck (and still am). Japan drives on the left side of the road, right? So before, when we thought that the truck was coming from the Kayama house, I didn’t really get how Marimo went over the ledge. There they thought the accident happened after Marimo crossed the bridge and made a right, meaning the gorge would’ve been on her right. If she was supposed to be in the left lane and drifted to the right, shouldn’t she have jerked to the left to correct? The truck actually came from the left (from town)… but if it was in the right lane, it still seems strange to me that Marimo would’ve gone to the right instead of the left.

In semi-related news, I finally posted my review of Mathematical Goodbye.


I’ve just been picturing narrow, nearly one-lane country roads where pretty much anything can happen. Though I’m also not convinced that the truck situation is truly resolved.


I live in Japan and I still couldn’t really wrap my head around this explanation. Maybe I just have trouble envisioning directional concepts in general. But the main takeaway is that the truck didn’t come from the direction of the Kayama house, so there appears to be no connection between the main mystery and the car accident.

As with the previous book, I find myself much more interested in the interactions between the characters rather than the mystery itself. Like the part where Saikawa met Moe’s aunt. That whole hotel section was pure gold! I find myself tearing through those parts and losing interest a bit when they start going over the minute details of the mystery for the fifteenth time. But I’m still enjoying this book much more than 詩的私的ジャック overall.


I’m pretty much the same ^^’ But I think it’s nice that this series mixes both, which doesn’t seem typical for a mystery series. It’s what @BadPlayer wrote in his Mathematical Goodbye review

There is indeed more of a link/progression between the volumes than I thought there would be. Especially since there were published out of order compared to Mori’s original plan, but he must have rewritten a bunch of things.