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Week 7


Start Date: Jan 14
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Week 7 Jan 14 Chapter 7 ~72

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Well that was a rollercoaster.

I know I said I was here only for the shipping, but… not like that (although it was fun to read). Getting married, seriously? Maybe date first?? Maybe talk to her about it first?? Also, aren’t you her teacher and in a position of authority over her? (and in general, their relationship seems mostly based on her admiring him, which is not very balanced, but I’m no relationship expert). I don’t care if she (might) be dying, you should probably wait until she’s out of school. Moe even said so in the previous book after drunkenly asked him to marry her: 「私、大学院に進学します。だから……、今は結婚はできないわ。奥さんが受験するなんて、先生の立場がないですものね。私……、多分、トップで合格するでしょう?でも、先生から入試問題を教えてもらったとか、中傷されるのも嫌だし…… (…) 先生と一緒に、研究をして……論文を書くんです。(…) やっぱり、奥さんと連名というのは、先生も恥ずかしいですよね?」

Back to the murder mystery, I’m surprised nobody ever suggests trying to lock pick the box.


I was listening to the audiobook and drifted off and woke up at the bit in part 10 of this chapter where Saikawa is yelling at Moe. And at that point I was like “ugh, Saikawa is probably being unreasonable again….but now I’ve listened again for once I’m kind of on his side! That was one mean joke!


I thought that Saikawa’s suggestion of a microscopic camera was actually kind of a good idea! But yeah, seems weird they haven’t tried more ways to get it open. Unless I guess the family know what is inside perhaps :thinking:


See? No reason to be worried about Moe.

And yeah, I agree that this is pretty much the worst possible time for Saikawa and Moe to make their relationship official. Why did this book shift gears from cute blossoming romance to them being absolutely awful to each other…?

Anyway, if Marimo is still alive she just got a lot more suspicious.


Is the last part of your comment above about marimo about what is revealed in chapter 8 part 1? (I might also have read a bit ahead) can’t think of anything in particular in chapter 7 :thinking:

But also I’m listening to the audiobook so it might be that I’m mixed up on when things happen.

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No, near the end of chapter 7 (forget the exact subpart) Ukai and Katagiri go to to the Kayama house, go to the studio, and find Marimo bloody and collapsed with the vase+box, although it’s not clear whether she’s dead or injured.


Haha wooops, I think I somehow completely missed that part. Drawback of audiobooks/falling asleep when listening to them :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: Time for a relisten!


Forgot to ask a silly question about this chapter. So, hum, when it says 「彼は立ち上がって、ベッドに近づき、黙って彼女にキスをした。」…what kind of キス is that? I pictured a kiss on the forehead, because I can’t imagine him doing anything more than that out of the blue and given their current relationship, but it doesn’t really say, and I’m not sure if it what connotation it has in Japanese, or how a Japanese person would naturally picture it.


In the moment I also pictured a kiss on the forehead, but based on what happened next I then thought it was on the lips, but also agree that if it was on the lips, it was a very abrupt and awkward moment for a first kiss… (Of course, maybe that’s fitting for Saikawa :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah, I pictured that too (and was also confused).

Skipping from book 1 to 5, it’s weirdly difficult to tell where their relationship is exactly :thinking: