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Week 5 Mar 04 Up til unstarred section break - last sentence ending with 脱出した2 150 49 56%

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Special Readings

This book has been noted as having irregular kanji and made up names. There is a wiki of these in the bottom of the first post in the home thread.

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I have a theory: I suspect that the books in question aren’t being stolen from the Mikurakan at all. I think they’re from some other magical library that’s somehow connected to it, and the thief is Hirune. After all, the books don’t appear in the catalogue, to find them Mifuyu and Mashiro have to go into the weird lit-as-if-by-candlelight shelving, and the “whoever steals this book” paper slips are always found in Hirune’s hands… The motive would be that Hirune wants to experience all these book worlds, which would explain why the fox thief is generally willing to help find the books at the end of each chapter.


I finally read this week’s part!

On the one hand, I’m kinda disappointed that the fox is simply fashion girl (蛍子). On the other hand, she seems fun. She also threw a curve ball at me with that 風来坊. Last time I saw that word, it was in reference to some wandering poet guy, so I thought it meant vagrant or something… and it does. So that’s her job? Looks like it pays better than I thought it would (or she isn’t telling the whole truth :joy:).

About the curse, yay! Steampunk! It’s been sooooo long since I read anything steampunk related. I’m liking it too, so far :slight_smile:

That would explain why she is holding the curse paper amulet (? Don’t know what those are called in English)… but that’s a very strange coincidence that it happened twice in a single day, just when 蛍子 said she would trigger the curse herself :thinking: Also, I would expect ひるね to steal the books to read them rather than experience them. She does sound like a bit of a bookworm :joy:


I’m quite delayed this week (it has been a rather rough week at work) but I finally finished the assignment! Interesting theories…I admit I can’t think of a better one. I think we’re out of suspects otherwise!

So that word has been in my anki deck for who knows how long (probably picked it up on one of my Aozora binges) and I like to add pictures to my flashcards when I can to help aid my memory and was deeply confused when this came up all over google image search :joy:
Appearantly it’s also the name of a restaurant chain.


Speaking of vocab, on my side I was glad that some of the mining vocab from 鹿の王 came in useful. I also enjoyed the steam punk theme.