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Week 3 Feb 18 til unstarred section break - last sentence ending with お嬢さん方 73 34

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Special Readings

This book has been noted as having irregular kanji and made up names. There is a wiki of these in the bottom of the first post in the home thread.

I voted “not sure” since there’s no “I’ll catch up later” option. On top of being busy at work during the week, I managed to catch a cold just in time for the weekend. :disappointed:

@pocketcat By the way, can you add links between previous/next weeks? Most book clubs do that and it’s very convenient.


Well, we’re out of magical realism world, at least. I’m beginning to feel that what interests the author about this whole book-curse setup and what interests me about it aren’t very well aligned, but we’ll see where the second half of chapter 2 takes us, I guess.


三室佐津人(みしつ・さつひと)is a beautiful pun name, love it :joy: Doesn’t seem like they will be relevant at any point, but I enjoyed it regardless.

I feel kind of bad that I seem to be enjoying this book more than the rest of the club. I especially am enjoying the ridiculous noir spin of the current chapter. I think it will be over the top and ridiculous the whole way through.

I know that some people would say this isn’t aimed at kids given the very extensive vocabulary used and light furigana, but I can’t help but feel it is. Some kids are avid readers and surely shake off furigana earlier? Dictionaries aren’t new, and looking up kanji by hand isn’t fun, but it’s certainly doable and more so when it’s your mother tongue.

With the heavy handed “深冬 learns to love books” message and also heavy handed moral point making when discussing prohibition it just…feels childish. In an enjoyable way. A lot like 本を守ろうとする猫 was.


I don’t think it’s aimed at “kids” but at high schoolers. That matches both the lack of furigana and the age of the main character.

I’m enjoying it too, so far!

Partially unrelated, but I was checking some reviews on bookmeter earlier, and there’s a fair amount of people who say that the book feels like the author is just enjoying the story without really caring about whether readers will like it or not. And, like, yeah? Why not? Apparently it’s working fine too. I don’t understand what they are complaining about :joy:


:sweat_smile: Colloquially high schoolers are kids to me. Weirdly just had an IRL discussion about this the other day with someone about when people stop being “kids” in speech.
I suppose I should be more precise when writing online though.

Oh that’s a relief! I was getting the impression people weren’t liking it very much across the board. I can definitely see that the author is having fun :joy:


I’m decently enjoying the book as well. It’s not super deep and really feels geared towards a younger audience but it’s interesting enough. Mifuyu can be a bit frustrating though. Come on, books are illegal in this world, it was written in the freaking book, you read it, don’t be so dense.