Week 4: 虐殺器官 ☠🗡🫀 (Advanced Book Club)

Week 4

Start Date: March 2nd
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Home Thread: 虐殺器官 :skull_and_crossbones::dagger::anatomical_heart:
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Week 4 March 2nd end of Part 2, p154 39

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I had to laugh at the author’s idea that we would have perfect augmented reality with adverts and information seamlessly superimposed on the world without having to wear a big headset, and yet if you want to send a quick text message to somebody you have to stop at a touchboard at the side of the road to use its keyboard :rofl:

The book seems to be teeing up the idea that the genocidal organ of the title is Chomsky’s “language organ”. Never trust a generative grammarian…


I kind of dozed off when reading this part, so I feel like I missed a bunch of nuances. It was interesting that now we learned a little more about John Paul’s past - family and what he was doing before he went missing.

Since I’m going on long vacation, I’ll just try to keep up with the timelines of this book club, but probably won’t post here for a while. :shinto_shrine: