Week 1: 虐殺器官 ☠🗡🫀 (Advanced Book Club)

Week 1

Start Date: Feb 10th
Next Part: Week 2
Home Thread: 虐殺器官 :skull_and_crossbones::dagger::anatomical_heart:
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A Start date To read Num pages
Week 1 Feb 10th end of Part 1 ch 3, p38 28

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  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
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Update about this week’s endpoint

I just noticed I got the ending page number wrong for this week : the end is as stated the end of part 1 chapter 3, and so it is page 38, not 30. Sorry about that. (The number of pages for this week is correct at 28, because the book doesn’t start until page 11.)


Well, that first couple of pages was a pretty brutal start (and then a bit of light infodumping)…

I liked the bit at the end of section 2 where they get into the pods and drop out of the plane; the last few sentences in particular felt quite evocative.


Thanks! I’m on the e-book so completely missed that. Will try to add the percentages as we go pre-emptively.


That was a bit disgusting, tbh…

I’ve started to read the book this week, but somehow it didn’t click with me right now (although I neither mind the brutality nor the military stuff) but I’m currently in the middle of another book that requires quite a bit of mental energy to keep everything in mind, and so I’d like to go through that other book quickly instead of dragging it out by adding yet another one to my pile. So I decided to stop reading this one for the time being. Maybe I’ll catch up at some later point, let’s see. :wave:


Finished this week’s reading, I have to say I found it quite difficult and tiring. I hope it gets a bit easier (either content wise or because I get used to it). Also not a fan of the constant mismatched furigana.
Looks like a book that I wouldn’t have read on my own which is not a bad thing in itself but I’m not in love with it yet ^^’ Let’s see where this goes…


I didn’t realize this was set in the USA before I started reading it… And yes, I could live without the 死者の国 parts. I hope they become more relevant to the story and aren’t just there to add some gore.


Same, even though I’m the one who nominated it :sweat_smile: (although didn’t really look into it too much beside the general plot). Having a really tough time being focused; could also be a difficulty thing… I’ve been reminded recently that trying to slog through a book forcibly can really kill my reading motivation for months, so we’ll have to see how this goes…


Seems like a pretty cool book so far. Hopefully they calm down with the military jargon at some point :sweat_smile: