Week 2: 雪国 - Snow Country ⛄️❄️

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Week 2


Start Date: Nov 7th
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page (角川文庫) End % Page Count
Week 2 Nov 7th 東京に帰ったのだった 40 21% 21

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading Notes Proof
島村 しまむら Our protagonist
葉子 ようこ The girl on the train Furigana

I was pleasantly surprised to find the end at 19% instead! I don’t think I’d have made 21 today. :sweat_smile:

I’m sure the long break between week 1 and 2 didn’t help matters, but even without that - this book is so hard to read! There’s so many run on sentences, and a lot of those I have to read multiple times to really get what’s going on.

And even so I’m not getting full comprehension. I also don’t really know what I could possibly ask, though. It’s nothing quite so concrete.

about the story

That was a long descend into their past meeting. I had started wondering a couple times while reading, but apparently that was all just recollection.

I’m hoping the return to their present will bring some fresh winds, or maybe I’ll get used to the style soon-ish.


I found weeks 1 and 2 (and maybe 3? but not as much) to be the hardest ones to read yet. After that, it gets quite a bit easier. (Or maybe I’m getting more ignorant :rofl:)

I think that might depend on whether you have footnotes at the end? My book has no footnotes whatsoever, and so the percentages are higher. I guess you’ll figure out how much you need to subtract for each week (as I don’t think it makes sense to track the percentages for all the different ebooks out there :woman_shrugging:)

No, I wouldn’t think so either. I checked next week’s break, which is also 2 percent earlier in my version, so I imagine it’ll stay pretty stable somewhere around there.

Whichever it is, I’m looking forward to it! :joy:

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