Week 15.1: 小川未明童話集 - Ogawa Mimei’s Collection of Children’s Stories

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Week 15.1


Start Date: Dec 4th
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Week Start Date Chapter Pages 1951ed. Pages 2013ed. Page Count
Week 15.1 Dec 4th 12. 木に上った子供 8

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I don’t have much to say about this story but the thread was too empty :slight_smile:
Another case of a sad, disappearing child. I take it he’s supposed to have turned into a star and joined his mother. Funny how he also didn’t have a father but he never missed him. I guess fathers were more distant back then. The image of the huge tree touching the sky was a nice one in any case, and the children’s debate about it quite entertaining.


Yes, I really liked this story!
Such powerful imagery with the stars overhead and the boy looking at them every night trying to find his mother. I think in Germany we have this folk belief that a mother who died turns into an angel and looks down from the sky in order to protect her children, so I could definitely relate to this.
Also, the children’s discussions were hilarious, and even the adults shying away from climbing the tree at night because something evil could lurk there :joy_cat:


This made me read the story :smiley: and yes, their conversations were fun (also how the various kids and their way of replying were described).


Well, I wouldn’t climb a huge tree in the dark on a windy night either :wink: