Week 14.1: 小川未明童話集 - Ogawa Mimei’s Collection of Children’s Stories

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Week 14.1


Start Date: Nov 27th
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Week Start Date Chapter Pages 1951ed. Pages 2013ed. Page Count
Week 14.1 Nov 27th 8. 角笛吹く子 7

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Well, this was…beyond unexpected. In a good way. Just as I was thinking, not another poor, mistreated, suffering child, please, the twist came. And what a twist it was.

So, was the boy Winter? Is that why he felt happy when it was bitterly cold and there was heavy snowfall, but unhappy when the sun was sparkling off the sea? And the old lady, or crow demon, came to help him along to colder places? What was the owl clock all about? Marking the passage of time/seasons maybe? The children, who could now play outside on the dry street, mocked him, because he was weak now, but why on earth would he be afraid of the sheep? I guess sheep grazing also signify spring. And then the golden arrows - these again might be sunrays, helping new grass grow. Our boy may need to retreat even further North I’m afraid. :grin:


Your description made me intrigued so I decided to read this story too and your interpretation seems sound. Not much to add, quite enjoyable this one :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, the clock might just be there to emphasise that this story is about a time-related theme (the seasons).