Week 10: TUGUMI 🌅

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Week 10


Start Date: Oct 1st
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Week 10 Oct 1st 171 21

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Wow - so much action and surprising events in this chapter (compared to the preceding chapters).


I’m still trailing behind a bit (currently in week 8), but the chapter title already sounds a bit … like … bad things might finally happen … :cold_sweat:


I’m not going to spoil anything, but the chapter title refers to (no spoiler, I promise) something specific you have no way of predicting. :wink:


Okay, thanks! :sweat_smile:
I will double my efforts to finish my work early so that I can catch up already, promise :crossed_fingers:

Why does my reading backlog always pile up the highest exactly when I’m the busiest? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Do you think there might be a connection? :upside_down_face:


I don’t see how :thinking:. I’m sure it’s just a weird coincidence. :wink:


I managed to ignore my work for a bit, and that allowed me to catch up to this week! :tada:

Now to find out what this week’s title is about :thinking:


That was amazing, and amazingly told. It really put all other chapters into context and I think makes them better in retrospect. This was the first time I couldn’t put the book down–had to read the chapter in one sitting.


Indeed :flushed:


I just read about 6 pages straight through, but got a bit confused about what Tugumi is saying in about the 5th page of the chapter (my page 178).

The sentence starting with 犬が死んだくらいで - from here until Maria’s “うん”, I’m a bit lost.

It sounds to me that Tugumi is minimising 恭一 going back home to his parents. But I don’t really get what she says, and Maria’s reaction.

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You got the gist, I’d say. I’ll attempt a breakdown:

Sentences breakdown

「犬が死んだくらいで、- now that the dog is dead
帰んなくちゃだもんな。- he must return home (with complaining nuance)
何だかんだ言っても、- no matter what anyone says
みんなまだ19やそこらなんだ、- everybody is still 19 or something,
要するに子供の夏休みだな」 - in a word, it’s a child’s summer holiday.
誰に言うともなくつぶやいたその言葉は、- these murmured words that were not directed to anybody
それでも - nevertheless
このところ私が漠然と考えていたことを - my vague thoughts
きちんと紡いでいた - properly wrapped up
ので、私は、- and therefore, I [said]

I took one or two liberties with this to make it sound somewhat more understandable in English :sweat_smile: If you have further questions, I’ll see what I can do!

Oh and of course corrections from others are welcome :+1:


Yes I have another question - sorry! I understand everything around it, but on p185, Maria says:


Is she saying they don’t do that anymore due to Tugumi’s illness? Or the reverse?

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For the bit you quoted, this is 何も - Jisho.org #2 (have a look at the fine print) - maybe that helps you already?

But… I somehow can’t match your question to my understanding, sorry :sweat_smile: Therefore I’ll run you through the dialogue for a bit:


Maria says: 結構すごい冒険ね - That was quite the adventure. (Context: Tugumi took the replacement dog to the snack bar to tease the others.)
Tugumi: Yes, I even got a fever.
Tugumi laughs.
Tugumi continues: When we were children, I have a feeling that we felt such danger basically every day though! I guess I degraded. (i.e. my condition got worse)
Maria: Degradation and all, your body is weak, therefore please don’t think of [doing] things at the level of a test of courage.

At least that’s what I understand :grin: Does this help you in any way though?


Thanks, that makes more sense. I think I thought Tugumi was talking about actual adventures, sneaking around, like the post-box thing, rather than the excitement of adventure you feel as children. Which I guess maybe she was. I didn’t get the “test of courage” bit very well.

I continued reading just now for another few pages, but think I need to break now as I’m diving again tomorrow (and sharing a room so need to turn light off!). Bad place to have to stop!

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