Week 10: 薬屋のひとりごと

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Week 10


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Week Start Date Chapter Names Page Count
Week 10 Apr 30th 「酒」「自他」 27

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading Notes Proof
猫猫 まおまお Main character furigana
玉葉 ギョクヨウ One of the four (main) wives (title: 貴妃) furigana
梨花 リファ One of the four (main) wives (title: 賢妃) furigana
小蘭 シャオラン furigana
鈴麗 リンリ Daughter of 玉葉; nickname: 小鈴 (シャオリン) furigana
壬氏 ジンシ 天女を思わせる宦官 furigana
紅娘 ホンニャン head of the maids of 玉葉 furigana
芙蓉 フヨウ 中級妃 furigana
高順 ガオシュン aid of 壬氏 furigana
桜花 インファ maid of 玉葉 furigana
貴園 グイエン maid of 玉葉 furigana
愛藍 アイラン maid of 玉葉 furigana
里樹 リーシュ One of the four (main) wives (title: 徳妃) furigana
李白 リハク mid-ranking 武官 furigana
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Ch 25


He is now a peach in my head canon.


I got a good laugh out of that comparison. XD Also 猫猫’s reaction at the very end of 25:


Only question that popped up for me was the mention of つまみ; was this a typo for うまみ?



Shows as ‘snack (to have with a drink), side dish’ in my dictionary. Those are typically savory and salty as I know them, so it’s quite unusual and I think illustrates the degree of his 甘党 quite well.


Hahaha, I was thinking that he’s more like a tiny spirit like Navi from the Zelda games. Not sure how that would make sense with peach in the picture tho :see_no_evil:

Ch. 26

Yakedo no nyokan, is that a new character or someone we’ve seen before? (JP keyboard is not being cooperative right now, sumimasen).

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Spirits don’t have to be small, but anyway, Navi, but pink?

Someone who’s existence we guessed before.
I can’t check right now, but it was in the part about colored fires. There was a 宦官 who thought he was cursed in that part.


Ahh, okay. I reread that part and realized I totally misread the whole scene. Maybe I was reading with my eyes closed the first time :crazy_face: That person was the one whose clothes was disposed in the garbage fire, right? And they’ve been looking for her because she’s responsible of mysterious salty pieces of wood (for writing) or something like that :thinking: Can’t remember the details.



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I can hear the voice of my anatomy professor in the back of my head: “never ever tell yourself you can’t do something (or remember something in this case), the RAS system in your brain will believe you and in turn inhibit your performance”.

A few ch. 26 Qs

I need a little bit of help with the bolded part here, specifically that 最後にしておけ.

This is after 猫猫 tells her preferred method of execution to 壬氏. I’m getting tangled up in all the ようs and そうs and stuff here.

Just wanted to check here what the heck a 風の樽 is.

Ch 26

Once she gets into something, she gets completely crazy and doesn’t stop. So, if she has to do it (using dead bodies), she should do it last (i.e. when there’s nothing else she is curious about in the world).

怒っているようでいて means to look like one is angry. ようでいて is equivalent to よう alone but allows a connection to something else.
the そう makes it that it seems to her that [previous part]
でないそう is just “or not” (again, from her perspective). So she can tell if he is looking angry or not.

My book says 風の噂 :sweat_smile:


Ah, thank you so much as usual!


I’m just gonna go to bed. Have a good weekend everyone…


ドーナツ as furigana for 同心円 has got to be the weirdest furigana so far.


Weirder than マッドサイエンティスト?



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I got some good laughs at the end of the 自他 chapter, specifically 猫猫 thinking about what poison she’d like to die from.

I will say one thing I find so interesting: the word 性質. The “correct” pronunciation is せいしつ. I often see it with the furigana たち, which presumably comes from 質 having the reading たち. Here it had the furigana さが, which was my first time seeing this as the given reading, but that’s apparently a way to read 性. I can’t help but wonder what authors have against just writing 性質 as せいしつ. :joy: