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Week 10


Start Date: Jun 12th
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Week 10 Jun 12th Chapter 10 62

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Chapter 10 has 10 parts.

I didn’t keep track of the cigarettes, but 「チェインスモークというのはこういった状態のことである」

I’m starting to agree that Saikawa is kind of obnoxious. He never explains anything, doesn’t answer questions, and then acts surprised when nobody understands what’s happening.

The final explanation was interesting, if a bit far fetched. But there’s one thing that bugs me. They said that the counter that triggered the whole system “malfunction” was just a global static constant. That means it should reset whenever they reboot the system, which I hope they tried since it’s the first step of any kind of troubleshooting. And they actually did a “system reset” when the body was mounted on the P1 at the beginning, which should have restored communications? Unless that variable is actually persisted in some way, even after a reset. But even then, if Yamane had figured out the issue, they could’ve deleted that piece of data instead of switching to a different OS.

And for those who’ve read 容疑者xの献身, again, it turns out the body wasn’t who we thought it was!


Oh and one more thing. It turns out that the fact that Magata is a 美人 and Kunieda is not DID factor into the plot :astonished:


I agree that a system reboot should reset the variable (unless there is some additional stuff going on), but they depicted this system to be some kind of Unix, and for many people rebooting a Unix machine is something like a no-go, if only because uptime :joy_cat:

If you want to know the crazy things people do in order to avoid a reboot, there is this video:

(sorry, audio is only in German but there are some written explanations in English in between)

What somewhat bugged me: So this variable overruns, which triggers this weird system behaviour? I.e. the system checks whether the variable is 0 and then starts to act up? Wouldn’t that mean that it acted up during its first hour of operations as well? :thinking:

Oh, right! While we’re at it: I must say 容疑者xの献身 totally lost me (big spoiler for Yougisha X ahead!!) with the false confession followed by the discovery of the real story. This book is equally twisted and complicated, but it kept my interest all the way, and I found the story to be much more believable.

Yep, I found that interesting as well! So that’s why they rubbed it in so much, so that we still remember at the very end of the story :joy_cat:


A thought: I have read 容疑者Xの献身 but even if I hadn’t, I would’ve clicked on those things without realizing they weren’t for this book of this thread. Maybe mark them as spoilers for it specifically? Even the thing you quoted is a big one and isn’t obviously for a different book.


Hmmm, that’s why I put it behind a double spoiler, but maybe that’s not enough. Will add a more explicit warning. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, I just realized that when you immediately click on the double spoiler area, it will reveal both spoilers at once. That’s pretty bad! I have changed this and added a warning.

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Whaat. This. Is. Ridiculous.
But when there are three people dead, I would think that there are more important things than uptime? :stuck_out_tongue: (Also reminds me of this xkcd).

The part about the overflow wasn’t entirely clear, but in chapter 9 they also mention a bunch of if statements. The code could be doing anything, including checking for 0xFFFF.


This is one thing that really annoyed me as well. Having two geniuses as detectives is fine, I guess, but them acting surprised when nobody understood what they’re talking about (and the vagueness of their theories throughout the book until the conclusion) kind of annoyed me. With 容疑者Xの献身, it at least felt like you had a chance to go along with the theories and understand what really happened (maybe in part due to the unique perspective), and there was still a big twist at the end. This book felt more like „ok here’s this murder that happened (and two others). And now we spend half the book walking around doing whatever, and then at the end the case is solved.“ It didn’t really feel progressive to me. (Although I liked the conclusion.) Most of the time we weren’t even let into any assumptions or theories that 萌絵 and 犀川 had, and I couldn’t relate to them much, so I have to say it was kind of a slog at times.
Which surprised me because I really liked 森’s storytelling and style of writing when reading his W series (彼女は一人で歩くのか?). Maybe because that was more SF than crime? Not sure, but the matter-of-fact style worked much better in that series in my opinion.

But many people seem to have found it very engaging, so I’m probably an outlier in this regard :smile: it’s his most-read book, too, I think.


I’m finished with this chapter now. WOW… Lots of revelations. Crazy stuff.

I’ll be honest. Most weeks were not as easy to get through as this week’s chapter - even though this is the longest one! I think the book is engaging overall, but it is overlong. The stuff at the campsite, Saikawa’s meltdown during the power outage, was any of that necessary?

Then again, the sheer length of the book makes the final revelations feel epic - with references to things that happened 200+ pages ago that you can barely remember. For example, going back and rereading the part where 新藤所長’s face was contorted and didn’t answer to the revelation of Magata’s murder until Yamane prompted him a second time. I just figured that he was shocked by the news and didn’t even give it a second thought. Or remembering how creepy it was in Magata’s bedroom and how you just felt that there was… something else going on there. Very skillful writing in that sense. Just could have used some editing.


I actually liked that there was more “unnecessary” stuff than in 容疑者xの献身. I feel like I got to relate to the characters more, even if I found some of their reactions unrealistic (I guess both Saikawa and Moe are a bit special). 容疑者xの献身 felt very straight to the point, all about the plot, not a page wasted.
Also it’s a bit early to say what was necessary and what wasn’t as there’s one chapter left :wink:


Oh, if that’s the case for you, I can wholeheartedly recommend reading some Murakami :rofl:


Mhhh I’ve read one Murakami book, スプートニクの恋人, and I was not a huge fan. Bit too weird for me. I’ve been told that’s pretty typical of his style, but I know nearly nothing about his other books.


Yeah, true, the weirdness is a different thing altogether. I could very well go without that tbh. But what I really like is his beautiful way of describing sceneries and events in a way that totally absorbs me within a few lines. Also, he often adds so many minor details which are often just beautifully described. I thought you might appreciate at least that bit.
(Having said that, I have not even heard of スプートニクの恋人 yet, but I’ve read a bit of his works, and yeah, it’s all getting weird at some point or another.)


…Wow! Lots of interesting stuff there at the end :eyes: I’m glad I remember a bit from the anime adaptation I watched years ago; some of the techie stuff would definitely have whooshed over my head more than it already does :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

One thing I didn’t really enjoy was the parts with VR / gokart. Not sure why, maybe it just felt confusing and boring to me.

I really have no idea about this kind of stuff, but my first thought was that maybe that kind of troubleshooting is a more “modern” way? Considering this book is 20+ years old. Not sure if that makes sense at all :joy:

So many comments referencing to previous book club book :eyes: I got it during sale on bookwalker, but haven’t started it yet, so I really appreciate that everyone put stuff behind blurred text :grin: