Websites or audio for Japanese sentence/grammar practice - any good resources out there?

Hi all, I would like to practice Japanese so that I am able to create my own sentences in different tenses etc. Does anyone know of any good websites which have grammar exercises for constructing sentences in Japanese? Something with questions and answers, either in text and/or audio format, and preferably something that’s fun and easy to follow.


Bunpro. But it’s not free.

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Isn’t it free for like another month?

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Well he probably won’t be able to:

in a month.

Sorry wasn’t reading :see_no_evil:

1 Like is pretty sweet, not entirely free although most of the content is monthly is only like 4$ though and totally worth it. Full SRS by JLPT level too

On renshuu, are the reviews self assessed or fill in the blank (or something else)?

You may like

It is free for limited use.

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