[WebApp] WaniKani Reader - Vocab reading practice with context sentences

Hello community!

I wanted to create an app for helping to learn to recognize vocab words in sentences. I made one that hopefully you find useful as well.

Some features it has:

  • Pulls the context sentences from WaniKani for your vocab level and displays them all on a single page for you to read through.
  • Gives you several options for the organization of the sentences:
    • Font size.
    • Number of sentences per paragraph.
    • How many sentences per vocab word to include (since there are usually multiple sentences for each word)
    • What vocab levels to include (only goes as high as your current level)
    • Whether to highlight the words so you can see which words in the sentence are vocab.
    • When words are highlighted (if you chose the previous option) clicking them will give you a pop up with things like level, sentence translation, meaning, reading, etc.
  • Requres your V2 API token.
  • No information is stored on the server (its all static web files). Any stored information is stored locally with you, in your browser.
  • In that same vein, that means I personally do not have any information about you, your web token, or any of that.

It’s still in beta, but figured I’d share for feedback and see if its something you would find useful, and if you had any feature suggestions or find any bugs.

Blue Monkey - WaniKani Reader