Web novel recommendation

As a beginner I wanted to spend more time reading as soon as possible.
There are graded readers, easy to read, but a bit boring, can be hard to find\buy. Also there’s no continuation between stories.
Mangas are great, but I feel I’m not at that level yet. I only read Happiness from cover to cover and just
understood the flow of the story. I had to look up almost every word along the way, takes an effort. :sweat_smile:
Yesterday I found what I was looking for. An easy web novel.
聖女? いいえ、やったのはこっちのくまです!
Much easier to read for me, compared to regular novels or children’s books’.
Sentences are short. Some words are repeated many times over.
It doesn’t have any furigana.
It has Difficulty 1/10 on jpdb.io
But I’m using japanese.io, so it makes reading much more approachable.

Below are the stats for chapter 2 from japanese.io


Here are some free ones:

Also, here is a good webcomic (still being translated to Japanese though):


Thanks for the recommendation!


I write stories in N4+ Japanese here The Tile World Chronicles. You might want to give them a shot.


Thank you, this looks very interesting.
P. S. I see one of them is called “Markus’s Assent” – I think @_Marcus さん might find it interesting too!

P. S. Started reading it – it is quite interesting – and I really like the style.
Have you had an opportunity for it to get checked by a native speaker?


@trunklayer : thanks for the kind word.

I pay a proofreader on fiverr to correct all my work. My Japanese is unfortunately not good enough :wink: , I can feel the progress since I started though. But getting the correct sentence ending particles right is near impossible.

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That’s really cool, huge thanks! You should consider getting a Patreon account, because what you are doing – is exactly what many learners need: an interesting beginner-friendly reading resource!

Also, as I’ve said, I really like the style. It feels like playing an old JRPG but without distracting on monotonous routine like grinding!

I have a question though:

The Tile World Chronicles


AFAIK, 道 is not a な adjective. Could it be that the な right after it is a typo that was supposed to be は?

I am very glad you like it :slight_smile:

You should consider getting a Patreon account

If I had a Patreon I’d feel like I owe something to my patrons and that’s something I don’t want. Also I believe that it would change my incentives. Right now I want to create something I think is great. If I was to get patrons it would soon become : I want to create something that would generate more revenue and I’d end up doing the clickbait/mainstream/unopinionated stuff I despise.
The ony patron I’d accept is someone who’d be happy to pay me more than my current employer :wink:

Having readers is rewarding enough. So many writers / comic book artists don’t get any.

It feels like playing an old JRPG but without distracting on monotonous routine like grinding!

You totally got it. I love RPGs but I am too old to really enjoy going through all the battles. I still think they are an important part of what makes JPRG story telling specific and very enjoyable so I want them to be present in my stories.

As for your question, I have checked and


is what the person who did the proofreading wrote but she must have made a typo. I have just asked a friend who is a native speaker and you’re correct. I’ll make the change.