We’re Backfilling Old Assignment `passed_at` Timestamps

We were doing some auditing on assignment data and were reminded about a long-standing issue with older assignments — that the passed_at field for those aren’t filled in, since we weren’t tracking that data when the records were created. We’ve left it alone for a long time, tracking the ‘passed’ status with the aptly name passed boolean field (that’s how we did it before the timestamp).

We’re cleaning up the inconsistency today, filling in those missing timestamps. This only affects assignments that were passed before May 1, 2017 (when we started using the timestamp logic).

How are we filling it in, you ask? Well, we don’t have any review logs for those assignments to calculate the real passing date, so we’re assuming that every person is an absolute machine and does their reviews perfectly at exact moment that they’re available. From the top of the hour when the lesson was finished, we’ll add 37 hours for the accelerated levels (1 and 2), 82 hours for the rest.

We’ll kick off the backfill in a few. We thought everyone should know why you’ll see a bunch of old assignments show up in your ‘recently updated’ API calls.



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Do third party apps and userscripts have to do anything to access this new data? I’ve always been bothered by the fact that the WK Timemachine cut off at 5 August 2017 and it looked like I started doing WK at level 42+.

I think it should help the Timemachine if you mean the one by @dasding. If I remember correctly it (already) uses the started_at, passed_at, and burned_at dates for dates before 2017-08-05


That’s the date we started recording individual reviews. I’m not sure how WK Timemachine works, but that seems to indicate it’s looking at that very low level data. Sadly, there’s no way to backfill that. Your reviews can only exist as fond, vague memories.


Of course there is, you just have to assume “that every person is an absolute machine and does their reviews perfectly at exact moment that they’re available” 295787090669469698


Well, yeeees, there is that. Plus the review statistics. Plus the time for the burned_at timestamp being different than the started_at + time to burning.

Call us lazy, then: we’re choosing not to try and figure out that puzzle. :stuck_out_tongue:


*rolls eyes*

Kids these days and their lack of commitment…



Well it’s a good thing I reset to 1 then. Otherwise I could be level 60 but according to the API I haven’t even learned any level 1 items (however, those items are mysteriously “passed”) :sweat_smile:

Yeah it should help!

As you can see here, we dont have any gurud items until around May 2017.
With the backfiling there will be a whole new purple layer before that :smiley:
So only the blue layers will be missing.

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