Wayyy to slow

Buckle up
It will soon become more fun.

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I don’t find WaniKani slow. In the beginning, I had other things I did with my spare time. Now there is no spare time. There is only WaniKani.


Because if you increase the quantity you learn for the first couple levels you’ll have even so often a huge spike of review that will hunt you for 6 months. Raising the “throttle” of new lessons is not going to make you go faster only for those couple of days, but is going to create a huge lump of reviews that is going to hunt you for a long time. That’s why you have roughly the same amount of lessons for each of the 60 levels.

It is incredibly important to have the same flow of new elements all the way through your studies.


Then why have levels? that is 100% contrary to your premise as they artificially limit your progress…

Also, why is the number of reviews I can do per day the same as the number that Bob can do as is the same as Jane can do…?

I became obsessed pretty quickly, I didn’t WANT free time.

I think levels are pretty much a way of turning studying into a sort of game and it also gives a good measurement of progress.


You almost have to feel like it’s slow at first, because most of the review streams haven’t started yet. Peak average review and lesson load is 9x what you see in level 1. If just the lessons were enough to satisfy your desired study time, the full load would be guaranteed to be too much.

Can’t I slow down later? No. Once you do the lesson, you’re committed to 8 more reviews at designated intervals for the next several months. If you don’t do them when scheduled, chances are you’ll fail them. If you just want a list of kanji to study at your own speed, there are plenty of places to get those lists. WK isn’t that.


How is that opposite of what I said? You have levels to give you a sense of progression, that’s it.

The amount of reviews will self regulate eventually depending on how many lessons you’ll be able to munch in one day over time, so if you are able to do more reviews than jane, you’ll get more work than jane. No problem.

Also, do you realize that in no time you’ll have 200+ review to do every day, right? If you feel really confident you can aim to finish every level in 6 days and 20 hours which will guarantee even more review per day for your amusement.

Wanikani is not something you tackle in a month, it’s a journey that lasts for at least 13 months, you will need a constant amount of reviews every day, if you get spikes you’ll feel pain. If you increase the lessons the first buch of levels only to slow down to the “normal pace” later on (and trust me, you would!) you’ll get spikes.

Plus, consider that wanikani is not going to make you fluent in japanese, you need to supplement it with a lot more study from other sources, so don’t consider this a bottleneck.


I’m guessing for sorts like me who are very easily conned by numbers going up. Gamified things like WHOO LEVEL UP and green for when I get answers right is a little thing but it’s highly motivating. Even if I can’t force things to speed up really the trick works.


You have levels to give you a sense of progression

Which has zero to do with actual learning…

Question: how much time do you give yourself per review item on average? 10 seconds? 20 seconds? 30 seconds?

About 3 seconds plus typing time. I’m pretty ruthless with “I forgot, enter nn, fail”

Sure it does. If it incentivizes people to keep learning it has to do with learning.


I disagree with you. As other have already mentioned, seeing a number go up gives a sense of progression which is incredibly useful to keep you motivated. On a task so long as WK you need a lot of motivation. Lack of motivation and dissatisfaction is a really common reason for people to drop out.

I mean, at this point I don’t know what to say to make you reconsider your opinion of WK. Maybe this doesn’t really work for you? If you feel like sticking with us for another, let’s say, 10 levels, I’m sure everyone will be ok to reopen the discussion. Till then I would suggest you to trust us, we all were where you are now and we all thought the same things you do only to realise things are different, eventually.


Wow…I thought I was tough on myself…for me it’s about 10s which for a 200 item day is about 30 minutes…that’s nothing and this is my point.

Granted small “っ” errors make me want to toss my monitor across the room but hey…live and learn…


You are using one term to justify another and assuming everyone reacts the same which is just not the case.

I literally said that I’m going to be subbing for a lifetime come Christmas and going monthly until then…


Not at all. It has to do with learning for very many people. I never said it incentivizes everyone.

Generally, I’m giving WaniKani the benefit of the doubt that they have done the appropriate analyses to have determined that they are gaining more revenue than they are losing by having a leveling mechanism (among other things). From two years using this website and my interactions with many of the employees during that time, they have earned my trust in that regard.


I think a “I know this already” option would be nice. It could start you at Apprentice 4, which skips about 3 reviews and 36 hours, so not such a big leap forward that it should mess your reviews too much, and you still need to prove you actually know it to level up.

Also, what if I want to drown myself in reviews? :sob:

Anyway, at level 2 you can start using KaniWani and KameSame. KS might be usable at level 1 even. They help me have more patience with my kanji reviews.
That and posting in random threads on the forum :upside_down_face:


Bingo…I have the time now so…

Only level six and I have plenty to learn/do, frequently enough that I often am too busy with work to keep up with the flood of reviews…

You’re not the first person to think they have a profound learning capability and that a website would dare insult their prowess by pacing them slowly in the beginning, though you certainly won’t be the last…