Ways in which WK has disappointed me, personally

That I can believe. I will not tell you how long it took for me to register the colors between kanji and vocab is changing - and how many reviews I failed because of it :joy: ah, the enlightenment when it dawned on me - sublime!


Just so we can end this, since this has nothing to do with WK: just use X-mas if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I understand that having things retroactively changed with little or no notice can be frustrating. But I am not a fan of this “darn PC pinko libs ruining wanikani” vibe I’m getting. We don’t know who if anyone complained. Could have easily just been decided by the team for whatever reason without user input. I mean look at the reason my post got yeeted. It could have been said those memes are not family friendly. Generally family values types are not on the left.

Whenever I hear things like “PC culture” it makes me feel the person Im talking with is not discussing in good faith.


No, I posted a legitimate news article about a specific school in Essex in the UK last year where the Head Teacher, Zakia Khatun, had ordered that references to Jesus as “Lord” be removed from Christmas Carols in order that non-Christians were able to participate in the celebration.

I would ask that my child be excused from those activities. What I wouldn’t do, in the name of diversity, is insist that my child participate and that the words of the song must be changed in order to allow for that.


I know I’m new here but I would also been interested in learning the stroke patterns for the kanji. I’m having to find that information elsewhere.

There is a script for that if you’re willing to use addons


First off, you need to vet news sources very carefully. The likelihood that a Christian newspaper is going to give you a balanced and accurate picture of a situation is vanishingly small. It is more likely they will try to get you all fired up to protect the institution against inevitable irrelevance. Like the Republicans and Fox.

Second, IF it were true, you are proposing that minority students be ostracized because they do not share the religious beliefs of the majority. That is unconscionable.

Was this a supposed incident at a private parochial Christian school or public? I don’t know what the laws are in the UK, but to any moral person, it is clear that public school is not an appropriate venue to indoctrinate children to a particular religious view. They should not be singing songs like that at all.


I blame you too for my 53% performance this afternoon… :laughing:

(How is it 36℃ in london?!)


Wow rude. :joy:

When I’m this sweaty… no limits of rudeness

Sorry I said a bad word :wink:. Given the topic at hand, though, I am enjoying this nice warm irony bath.

Indeed. The story was covered by quite a lot of press when it happened. The specific school is named, the names of the teachers and parents are all on record, and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali responded to the situation. However, I don’t think you are genuinely concerned about the reliability of the news report.

Did you read the article? It was a Christmas celebration. No one was forced to join. And those that felt they could not participate, for religious reasons, are hardly ostracised. Just as those who do not attend Eid or Diwali celebrations are not ostracized.

Again, did you actually read the article, or even my previous replies? Far from forcing the children to sing religious songs, the Head Teacher, as I have already explained, ordered that references to Jesus as “Lord” be removed from Christmas Carols in order that non-Christians were able to participate in the celebration.

What a bleak vision of the world you have. For myself, I love a world in which all the various communities can express and celebrate their faiths in freedom, with no one telling them to keep their beliefs to themselves and no one trying to censor their songs.


Except that your dream world is majority Christian and everyone else is marginalized. By virtue of its ubiquity, Christmas is basically mandatory and opting out is indeed putting yourself in a very small group of outsiders. And my world view is anything but bleak. What could be more bleak than a world where in the name of religion we have war, oppression, extensive organized pedophilia, stonings, mutilations, genocides, etc etc etc? And Tom Cruise’s spaceship.

No. If you share a link from a known and trusted source, I would. I saw the headline and photo and recognized it as likely propaganda.


I’m disappointed that I can only burn 金玉 once

There’s a second way, but it involves lighter fluid, and I don’t think you’d enjoy it. :neutral_face:


Although I wasn’t the one asking for it, I’m still kibitzing because this looks like a good thing. どもありがとうございます :slight_smile:

The school is in Essex, UK, which is 66% Christian, according to the 2011 census. When the new census is taken next year that figure will have dropped considerably. Are you suggesting that in Essex over a third of the people are marginalised?

These are old arguments and I’m not going to go over them all here. You clearly dislike religion and you wish to argue with someone about it. That’s just fine but I’m not the person for it. I’m off to bed now. I wish you well.


I have zero sympathy as I bask in the calm sunlight and gentle breeze of Newcastle.



Is that… Nicolas Cage?

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I alway love sentences like “taking the Christ out of Christmas”. In 10 years of learning the english language I didn’t make that connection :joy: It makes me wonder if english the only language where the name for the festival has a religious meaning.
But really Christmas is just a pagan festival that turned into a festival for the economy and consumerism.