Way to study ahead or manually add things to reviews?

I am a returning studier who already has a couple hundred kanji under my belt. I returned to an account at level 4, which is FAR below what current Kanji level. Is there a way to do the follow?

Continuously study ahead so I can catch my Wanikani level up to my current knowledge level
Manually add known kanji from future levels into my reviews
Manually mark items as burned (I don’t need to be reminded what こにちは means for example)

All of these functions exist on bunpro, so I figured they would here as well, but I have not be able to find a way to do it. Looking back at the forums, it looks like these features have been requested for years.

For vocabulary like こんにちは, I just skip the lessons in the first place using the lesson picker, which is a beta feature at this point (this link will only work if you have lessons in the queue):

You can skip vocabulary this way (but I don’t think it’s a good recommendation for vocabulary that contains kanji, because vocabulary is crucial for being able to read the kanji), but unfortunately you can’t skip kanji because you need them to level up.

I found another thing to do while waiting for WK reviews: I use Ringotan to learn how to write the kanji. It’s really fun, it has the awesome option of learning kanji ordered by WK levels, and at this point I’ve caught up with my WK level on Ringotan.