Hello guys, I am new here currently in lvl 5. Is there a way to speed up the time?. Because i am waiting for my next schedule review which is in 16hrs but i want it now.


I think you just found it :slight_smile:
I also first landed on the forums because I was waiting for my next reviews to be live. And that was lucky I did, I discovered a great community, many posts with a lot of resources, and book clubs!! Have fun :slight_smile:


I’m afraid you can’t.

I’d enjoy the quiet now because when you get a few more levels in, you’re gonna be getting a LOT more to do.


Unfortunately, until we invent faster than light travel, speeding up time is not a thing we can do.


best have a look here to get an understanding for how WK works.

When you choose to review will reflect on when the next batch comes around. It’s possible to spread out reviews across the day, or make them focused to a set schedule, such as morning, midday and evening. Each to their own.


I love how every three days or so a similar question comes up :upside_down_face:

but as everyone said you just have to wait. do something fun until then.


If you consistently do 10-20 lessons every day, in a week or two, you will have 50-100 reviews daily and that’s usually more than enough.

Most people shoot themselves in the foot later by not being consistent early on. Can I also make the age old suggestion that you learn other vocab by picking up a grammar book?


To echo this:

This is what a consistent 10 lessons a day looks like with about 85-90% accuracy



Exactly and it gets exponentially worse the more you do or the more you do wrong.

The only thing close to a speed up is the redo item script but that’s if you want to turn wanikani into more of a exposure tool than a testing tool, but it does cut into your learning when you use it too much.

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Hello. You can speed up your reviews by typing faster when doing them. This will allow you to complete your reviews quicker.


Sleeping helps.

More seriously tho, try doing something unrelated to WaniKani with the kanji and words you just learned :slight_smile:


I wonder if changing your system clock forward would do anything, or if it’s server time. Someone said earlier their time zone setting was making reviews happen at odd times.

And then if it did let you cheat by moving your clock forward, what would happen if you did some lessons early but then reset the clock back to real time?

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It’s the nature of the beast that SRS’s have to ramp up. FWIW, levels 5 and 6 have some of the most items and level 7 is generally where the faster levelers will start having their first Master–>Enlightened items, which is where the leeches start. Once you hit that point, there’s basically no way to properly slow it down without doing nothing but reviews for a week or two straight.

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The next interval would likely get longer so that doesn’t help in the long run I think :frowning:

I think what they meant was being in a different time zone meant that reviews happened earlier then later. For instance I went on a trip and my 8 am reviews became 6 am reviews, because my East coast 8 am was happening a 6am in Denver. But if I didn’t do them at 6 am on my trip, when i got home they would be 10 am reviews, because of the time change back.

Reviews are based on server time not you computer or local time so when you change the stay the same.

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