Way to override typos?

(Sry if this is in the wrong category idk where to put it)

Anyways, I do a lot of my reviews on my phone during lunch or when I’m waiting for something, but I keep making typos on stuff that I know and it’s pretty frustrating.

I looked around for a typo override button (I used a program that had an override before I have no idea what it was though) but the closest thing I could find was the add synonym button, but that doesn’t change the fact the answer was already marked as wrong.

Does anyone know of an addon or something for this or do I just have to suck it up and type slower?

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If you use one of the apps (flaming durtles for android i forget the name of the one on ios) there should be a setting to turn undo on. On flaming durtles its under advanced settings>other advanced settings>special button behavior. Idk how the ios app works


The iOS app is called Tsurukame, and it also has a setting for undo (I don’t know where, but it should be pretty obvious).
@Eternity74 They both have their own threads here, where you can ask questions and stuff.


@Lizziemanan @NicoleIsEnough thx guys, got tsurukame and its great.