Want a tsurukame clone for burned items

personally find that the web ui is really awkward on ios. even find it awkward on osx. thus i’ve been using tsurukame almost exclusively since stumbling upon it.

got an itch i can’t scratch: would really like a clone of tsurukame that’s focused on burned items. i’m finding it needful to review those after the fact. poked around in the tsurukame source to see if i could repurpose it but my ios coding chops just aren’t good enough.

is this too edge case a request?


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It’s not that niche, in fact I asked something very similar. You can support the request so the developer might see there is some more demand for it

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thanks. i added a comment to the github page (crun).

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You could always contact the developer of the Tsurukame app and see if they would add in that feature.

I’d also love to have something similar for the review feature that the web has.

I find that being “quizzed” really helps me, and reviewing isn’t the same.