WaniKani's New Terms of Service


Agreed! Very impressed with our Overlords on this one!


The API abuse section quite vague, but I think the cases that would violate it would be fairly obvious.

Like, let’s say I created something using the API, but because I didn’t know what I was doing, it called the API so many times that started causing problems for anyone using WK itself, then they’d want to shut that down to stop the bleeding.

Or, what if I created a site where you could basically have WK, but didn’t have to pay for it and I used their API. At the very minimum they’d want to prevent you from doing this, if not more.

It’s kind of intent-based. The API exists so sites like KaniWani or wkstats can exist - things that add to the community, not ones that would detract from it.


You contact them by email, (preferably attempt to resolve the issue just by asking nicely), get their preferred mailing address by email, then officially serve them through the postal mail. (or presumably, the most-preferred method which is having a qualified person hand-deliver the papers into a person’s hand)

Some of these things seem (to this non-lawyer) legally, well let’s just say “debatable”. If I serve them the way the jurisdiction requires, I don’t think the agreement would override that. But maybe it would if it were reasonable. “You can only serve us on the third Tuesday of the month if it’s a full moon and we happen to be in the office at 11pm” - probably not, even if you purportedly agreed to that in the TOS.


badge get it


Never saw anyone read a TOS and even less doing a whole forum of it. But yeah thx for the short version way easier to read and less boring.


i honestly don’t know why i decided to read the tos before seeing this thread. i thought the bit about no phone support was interesting. i like to imagine it’s because everyone over there has phone anxiety (i’m joking).

i put the new and old tos in a diff checker and it turns out it was pointless because the entire thing was written differently. other than that, seems pretty run of the mill and somewhat not insidious (only somewhat because who doesn’t like thinking about termination and survival as EXTREME HARDCORE KILL OR BE KILLED ways).


I read the new ToS and it doesn’t mention anything about teaching me the rules of Shogi or posting cat gifs. I’m so disappointed.


I LOVED the short versions and the easy language. Terms of Service real people can understand.


That’s the very point I brought up.

I doubt a YouTube video would make something a business enterprise. I assume they mean a more substantial business than that.

If you are talking a complete program that you are charging customers for to make a profit off of (like WK), that is a business.


so…just a tiny question… what is bandwidth?


It’s how much stuff the computers can transfer at one time. If you use lots of it, then nobody else can have the other bandwidth.

[Edit] In this context, Tofugu have a limit to how much “stuff [their] computers can transfer at one time” and if one person—or a group of people—take(s) it all, then you won’t be able to use their Service—which is WaniKani.


I’ve read several ToS’s in the past and I do like the short versions (I usually just glance them over at best). Makes them slightly less miserable to read lol (Well at least I ready almost all of it this time… though mostly just the short versions for some things… Do I get a cookie for that? :P).


I‘m feeling really safe and protected…


“Tofugu,” “We,” and “Us” refer to Tofugu, LLC., as well as our affiliates, directors, subsidiaries, contractors, licensors, officers, agents, and employees.

Wait, I thought that “Us” refers to all of us :innocent:

Read it and seems well written and easy understandable. I also like the short version, tho I am a long version person :slight_smile:


We will not be liable for damages or losses arising from your use or inability to use the Service or otherwise arising under this Agreement.

You mean you won’t help us when the Crabigator attacks us??


We need the legal right to do things

gotta love out of context quotes :joy:


except when you have a lifetime subscription you could just resest the account and let someone else use it going forward, without paying…


These section titles and brief summaries are not legally binding.

Oh well.

These new ToS are totally acceptable and fine. There’s nothing to complain. No drama. Why do you continue to be so nice to us?


The only ToS I’ve ever read.


I don’t see any problems with this. If I were a high schooler without any income, and I want a WK lifetime subscription, I could ask my mom to register, using her credit card. After that, because she presumably doesn’t want to learn kanji, she gave the account to me, including password. Why should that be illegal?