WaniKani's New Terms of Service


Tofugu provides the Website and the Service “as is” and “as available,” without cake of any kind. Without limiting this, we expressly disclaim all cake, whether express, implied or statutory, regarding the Website and the Service including without limitation any cake for a particular purpose, title, or level attainment.

OK, but there’s still cake, right?

I didn't see Google Translate

I didn’t see Google Translate and Spanish isn’t one of languages I speak. One of Stephen King’s books more or less said that “mente” is an adverb. So I translate that as “Definitely speak Spanish”. Now the thing is, now I just know that in Spanish we can omit the subject, too, eh? Now I’m going to Google Translate.


Tidbit: New TOS has 42 contrast errors, 1 suspicious link text, and 3 redundant links.

… Did you make 42 contrast errors on purpose because of what that book?



All contrast errors reported by the web accessibility tool are due to the colour of the link text being too light to contrast sufficiently with the background. This means there are exactly 42 links in the Terms of Service, although at least 16 of them are page anchors—internal page links. I’m sure Koichi will be happy to know about this.

Unless it was intentional…



I wonder what more easter eggs there are to find


This has gotta be the first time i’ve ever read the ToS…


I’ve actually read it a few times. Gotta know what the law of the land is to break it


Shhhhh!!! Someone might hear you!


Thank you for having the “Short Version” under every major section! Very helpful!




I, for one, welcome our new crabigator overlord!
Also, I feel very blessed that WaniKani has seen fit to enact measures to ensure that when I get hold of my sweet, sweet @koichiーちゃん I can rest easy knowing that I have the real deal, not some fake-arse @koichi-puppy!


why are you yelling


you’re welcome.
(btw, I made this :grin:)


The original Series vs The Next Generation yah doofus.

Wait, you already knew that, didn’t you?


You can still have an account and be a minor. Just have to be 13…Isn’t it that way for most of the internet?


I actually find one aspect of these terms interesting. That is, Advertising.

WaniKani related (or, perhaps, WK adjacent) services are allowed to advertise pretty freely. I mean services such as Flo.Flo, KaniWani, and the like.

The section does allow for “Personal projects” though, I suppose.

The only other matter that I noticed was API use. Hypothetically, using a malicious or poorly made WK app could get you banned.
This is, of course, unlikely. Just keep an eye out when using third party WK apps.


Every time I use this site, both me and my computer get infected with something called Kanji.exe and I start seeing strange symbols all over the place. Even worse, I’m starting to understand some of them. Where do I go for help?? :pensive: :pray:


Advertising Content is limited to the promotion of personal projects or personal professional development. Any advertising for a business entity is prohibited without approval by Tofugu.

What qualifies as a personal project/professional development? If I post about a YouTube channel, for example, is that a business entity if I make money from that?

Very good ToS! Readable, short, and to the point.


You require that legal notices should not be sent by email, but then you say you should server your legal agent, which is linked to an email legal@tofugo.com.

This doens’t reconcile…