Rant and good bye

Everything was going well, then the recent mistake category was castrated into a useless feature that not only made much harder to focus on hard to learn items, but also, preempted progress with new items.
The reason is simple … the recent mistakes list has no longer any relation with the learning process, it is now just a fleeting list of items that teases you about what items you will not learn, then takes them away before you can do anything about it, thank you very much.
There are other issues … like the random sequence of new items being completely disjoint from coherently related topics … things end up going in circle …

Anyway, this is now a waste of time, so I am gone.

PS: Because of this, I built my own app that fixes the above issues … now I can learn effectively on my own. Being able to create a custom list of extra study items would have been smart and it’s so easy to add … but hey, what do I know?


Although I don’t see the point in just throwing your opinions at anyone and hoping something will stick without any care, you should do what helps you best.
So I hope, your own app will help you reach your goals, you should never give up anything just because of an online app. :slight_smile:


well, mister, if you know it sooo much better how it should be done why don’t go ahead and make your own ap… oh.






Ummmm, ok? Whatever you say :sweat_smile:

Not going to sue you cuz I respect that you made your own app instead of just complaining how bad WK is

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I hope the app’s also looking like the WK forums so we can add it to our POLLice investigation report.

@MrGeneric, please forward this document to the right department.



Oh I am not giving up on learning to read Japanese … just I can no longer make progress on wanikani, … so staying here would be of no help. I created an app that basically mimics wanikani only with the features I want. Of course, this is just for myelf.

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You mean, like Anki? Because Anki can replace your WaniKani experience tenfold.

But you can still hang out with us :frowning:


you sound really young lol. you remind me of myself from like 13 years ago when i was a teenager lol



Then that might be the right thing to do, you will know best what suits you. So have fun and continue to read lots! :slight_smile:
Still don’t get what this thread is supposed to do, though to be very honest.


Ma’am, yes, ma’am. :saluting_face:


I did basically that, and even now, on Anki. Custom Kanji and custom vocabularies. Created custom apps before too, never as good as Yomichan to Anki.

It might work very well if you know what you are doing.

At least WaniKani provides the direction and target, but in the end, it’s how you choose to do and keeping at it long enough.


Just curious: how did it look like before?

Incidentally, I’m finding the “critical condition” section more useful as a big picture. Items don’t disappear from it even after you get them right once or twice.


I do believe the op refers to the summery page.
As I predicted, the ones who didn’t know it won’t miss it (like you for example).
It was one of the most potent dopamine inducer in the gamification of the app (which I personally didn’t like), and wanikani kind of yanked it in a way that broke a lot of users. Luckily I was on hiatus, so I didn’t have to go through this brutal change.
It may sound like an insignificant or an unnecessary feature, in the great scheme of things, but we’re talking cold turkey here, people built a feedback loop for months and years, and suddenly one of the major components was gone.


A potent dopamine inducer…

What? People liked having a list of what you got wrong and right and seeing what srs level the items became. I’ve heard of a lot of people writing down the apprentice level wrong items to know what they’re struggling with the most.


That’s also true, I’m coming from a different angle here, and both of our angles are not mutually exclusive.


That’s fair. I just felt when I read your reply that everyone who liked the summary page was reduced to dopamine seekers.