Wanikani.com is down?

wanikani.com is down??


Wanikani still works for me when I use the full address (http…), but bunpro seems to be down


mine is working fine :thinking:

It appears to be. I’m getting a not secure warning at the very least!

It’s down for me too. It said the site can’t be found :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Navigating from the dashboard link at the top takes me there fine.

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Yeah it’s not working for me either and I needed to do my reviews before 10am when more are coming, doh!

I can’t get a response from the API either.

You could try changing dns servers
If you are running windows it can be done through

Control Panel>Change Adapter Settings>Desired Interface>Internet Protocol Version 4>Properties

Under “Use the following DNS server addresses” you can change dns servers is currently working for me

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Down for me too. The site and the api it seems like. I hope my reviews on my tablet are not lost :*(

Down for me too. Tsurukame won’t update either.

Edit: Kamesame is down too.

Looks like it’s a problem with Wanikani’s host’s DNS:


That’s strange. It’s still working for me.

yeah it stopped a second for me but now its working again :upside_down_face:

Sounds like there’s some internet-wide DNS troubles going on…

Sorry for the late reply. The site is loading for me, but it does appear many of the “is it down” sites are reporting wanikani.com inaccessible. The metric tools we are using is oddly showing the site operating “fine”, but they just monitor the application’s health and not the DNS health. And as @rfindley and others pointed out, it seems it is an issue that is sourced to our provider and seems to be internet-wide.

Given the scope of the issue, we unfortunately may have to ride it out until the major providers figure it out. Sorry all :frowning:


its back! reviews ahoy


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