Is Wanikani Down? 6/30/2023

~6:30 AM EST was trucking through my reviews and lost connection to wanikani. Restarted my computer but wanikani is still down but realized I can reach other sites. Is the site down?

Looks up to me:

EDIT: By the way, I like how polished the UI itself now looks :smiley: .

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Thanks, I’m in an airport so there might be some weird DNS issues on my end or something

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That could definitely explain it. Is it one of those Web-gated networks that you have to log in via a dodgy, slow website before your device’s network configuration kicks in and/or you get an IP address?

It’s slow but there’s no login, I tried using a hotspot too and that didn’t work either which surprised me. Might be something weird with my laptop, I’ll try the internet when I land and see if it works for me there

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It’s down for me =/