Wanikani works!

I started Wanikani last year with the intention of following the most faithfully possible the rythm of reviews and lessons. And at first I did. Then life happened and I had to take a 2 months pause because I was abroad and then again in february I changed job. Which means I had a lot (of medical stuff) to learn and paused Wanikani for almost 4 months.

And now that things are calmer I’m back. And I admit I was anxious, after such a long pause did I forget everything? What if I fail at most of my reviews when my lessons are from months ago??

You know how WK aims to reach the long-term memory level? This is all SRS is about after all.
Well I’m overjoyed, because I remembered everything. No major fail, even recent lessons.

Wanikani works, people. And I’m so grateful, I finally found a method that works with me.

So THANK YOU Wanikani.



Glad to hear it, ifern! Coming back after any kind of break can be tough, so I’m happy for you that it was relatively painless.



can I borrow your superior brain for a couple decades?


I can definitely say the same! :hugs:

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Meanwhile… me coming back after a stressful week and enabling vacation mode for a few days:

But good for you! :smiley:
And even though my brain doesn’t work like yours I will definitely agree: WaniKani works. Just takes me a bit longer to get everything into my long-term memory.


I think it’s more about finding the method that works for you. I had tried others before (apps, flash cards etc) and really I was starting to feel I was hopeless.
WK works with me but it may not do so well with others. Anyway, this was a thank you post because I see a fair amount of unfair critics against WK in the community sometimes.
WK is not perfect, but it mostly does the job.

See you at level 60 ^^


Yes it does. Pure magic!

I feel the same! Nothing has ever worked as well as WaniKani. :two_hearts:

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