WaniKani Updates June 28, 2017


You do; no one is forcing you to do the lessons


Spoilers, these changes are the tip of the iceberg, as they have alluded to many times. Lots of things are going to be tweaked, moved, etc once the overhaul to radicals and mnemonics is complete, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see some new words appear.


Username checks out


Overhaul? Anywhere I can read a bit more of what that will entail?


Just a innocent question… I’m lvl 4 and I was already doing all the lvl 4 Kanji reviews before this update. Since now that a new radical was added, will that delay my level up? Will I have to wait to guru’d this radical too or is having every Kanji in the guru level enough to level up? I mean, there’s no Kanji related to this radical on lvl 4 D:

Thanks in advance.


They have been vague about it but Kristen has been hinting that there will be an overhaul of how the radicals are dealt with in WK.

Here are a couple of her recent mentions of it to wet your appetite… :slight_smile:


For 独裁:

“One person should never be alone to judge everyone because that’s how dictators and made and they’re not so great.”

I think you mean “dictators are made and they’re not so great”, yeah?


Guruing 90% of the level’s kanji is all that matters. Since you didn’t get any new kanji your progress will not be affected.


Appreciate the quick answer :slight_smile:


perfectionism… the truest enemy of language learning

seriously, I would join a support group if there was one.


Funny how the two words I struggled with for a long time 才人 and 年来 have been removed.

Also 年来 is a lot easier to remember the meaning of, now that I can think of it as a suffix.


It’s so weird having reviews again…
It’s somewhere between 懐かしい and 煩わしい :sweat:


Dictators are made when Justice Kennedy resigns and is replaced by another Scalia/Gorsuch type.


Your stats page looks so weird now. Maybe you can edit that wall of shame for us. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got in trouble in Japanese class for this :sob:


Ego (radical) -> level 19
Righteousness (radical) -> level 20 (it uses the ego radical)
Deliberation (kanji) -> level 20 (it uses the righteousness radical)

So only 1 level before its first Kanji :wink:


Same problem here… g
It is always driving me crazy if it is JIN or NIN …


Too late for me :stuck_out_tongue: I learned Righteousness (radical) in level 20 and used it straight away for the kanji, but only learned Ego (radical) in level 26 hahah.

But then again I’ve already learned that that kanji from the Ego radical means “I” from learning Mandarin, so there’s that.


Way too late for me too :wink:
Mandarin probably helps so much in Kanji learning. According to all the languages you already know, learning japanese must be a piece of cake for you!


Damnit, why didn’t I see this earlier? I was so confused about 札 suddenly becoming 〜札, that I thought ‘maybe I forgot I learned this word but it can’t be the same reading as 札 since it has a dash, right?’. Totally messed with my not-too-well-already mood