WaniKani Too Slow! Can I speed this up Please!?


And people are quite nice and patient in responding to these threads. Maybe it doesn’t hurt that new users get to experience this nice community early on! I’m not saying it’s the best approach, but it is a nice side effect.


yes, that’s good. people need to see the community, it’s an integral part of wk and makes it special in many ways.

but there’s still better ways to lure them here.



Obviously they don’t, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Introducing yourself on the forum is also part of the check list though… :confused:


if the checklist worked and wouldn’t let you do other things until you check the next point, that would make sure people follow the path laid out for them.

or make it earn you, i dunno, x new items. visit the forums, 5 new radicals. bam. same thing, but now it looks like reward instead of punishment.


I see where you are coming from, and that’s not necessarily a bad idea.

But I find it odd that, from a new user’s perspective, if you see there is a new user checklist and you choose to ignore it, fine. That’s probably typical. But as soon as you run into a problem or you have a question, logically that check list is the first place you should turn to because most likely, if you are confused, someone else has probably been confused by the same thing. Hence, FAQ. It’s hard for me (and others, I’m sure) to grasp how others wouldn’t follow that same logic/thought process, and is why it’s so easy for current users to get a bit annoyed by the questions.


you’re totally right. but it’s 2018 and this is not how humans work anymore.
we now consume what the world smacks us in the face with and filter out as much as we can, or we get blown away by information overload.

brave new world.


This is the new(er) tour they use, so it does exist

(screenshot from @rmizuno’s post)



Thank you, Miscy.


How could I not have seen that?!?




yeah, cool that it already exists. now make it mandatory. problem solved.


heh. me neither. had no clue, and i click everything that’s not on the tree till i count to 3.


I agree. But that being said, the logical next step to an issue/question (like I said above) would, and should, be to return to said “information overload”.

The reason people skip the “information overload” (I like that, btw) is because they are confident they can muddle through without it. And often, that is the case. So time was saved by not reading and, instead, skipping it. But once you reach a point where you realize that isn’t the case, i.e. you have a question about something, you should return to that very same info to find the answer you are looking for.

But, as you said, people aren’t doing that. And the result is an unfortunate inconvenience for the rest of us. But even still, we, as a community, tend to handle it pretty well most of the time. So that’s good.

I don’t think it’s WK’s fault that the info isn’t being seen by so many. I think it’s just good old fashioned laziness from the users. Because even if WK found a good way to force every single user to open the FAQ, it probably still wouldn’t get read, and instead, immediately closed, due to the “information overload” we were just talking about.


Yeah, Neicudi showed me his planned tour for Kitsun and stuff like that is just awesome. If WK doesn’t have one, they really need to. That thing might convert a bunch of free users into becoming level 4 (aka subscribing).


MissMisc showed a screen shot above of WK’s version.


I just checked it, ok??? :sob: gomeeeeeen


right. it’s a pain in the ass for everyone involved, and it’s been going on since the dawn of wk. maybe the point is moot and we’ll just have to live with it.

or koichi makes the tour a series of short videos. this is how you do this, this is why it’s like that.
people don’t read, but they watch youtube videos about how to teach giraffes to tie a bow at 4am.


Does this show up all in 1 round? Or like, do they have to click lessons and then they get a tour? I think the latter would make more sense, since it comes from a place of need (the user wants to do lessons and they learn about it while they’re doing them). If it’s all in 1 row, it feels very skippable.

And yeah, all users should be shown this if they’re not D:


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dude i made a new account and lvled it to 9 and didn’t come across it. do you have to follow a certain move combo with a gamepad to make it show? i don’t have a clue.