WaniKani Too Slow! Can I speed this up Please!?


I’m not sure if it’s changed, but when I started, the FAQ was part of the starting checklist for new users. Is that not the case anymore?

The FAQ is also located in the same spot any FAQ is located for any site/application - at the bottom of the home page.

That’s why I think people tend to get upset when people create a new thread for the zillionth time - because it is easily accessible.


the checklist didn’t disappear until you checked all points, in the olden days, but it seems to have lost all functionality.

maybe a proper tutorial would make sense, the crabigator taking you by the hand, explaining stuff as you go along.


What do you mean?


points of that list were ticked when you completed those tasks. now it’s just a little info window.


Ah, alright. But it still lists the FAQ, doesn’t it? If not, I definitely agree that the FAQ should appear as one of the items for new users to complete, whether those items get ticked off automatically or not. It still puts the info right there, and would achieve what you said by being more easily accessible.


To be honest, I felt like I got like a hundred warnings that WK might feel a bit slow in the beginning. I was also cautioned that people would probably be a bit annoyed if I posted about that in the forums.

But since it was very slow I had a lot of time to read up on the guides and FAQ etc.


maybe a real into makes sense, now that they’re done with the overhaul project. a series of sites you go through, with explanations. “new user experience”.

there’s certain things covered by the FAQ that just keep coming up on the forums, like why do i get marked wrong for X, but not for Y", or “why do i learn A, but not B first”, enough to make it worth it in my opinion.

also helps retaining new users and gaining some revenue from people who give up.


But as you say @OmukaiAndi, a tutorial would probably be a good thing. I am an avid reader who really likes reading guides etc. Many people aren’t…


Actually, I thought they did do something like this. Almost like a guided tour? Maybe I’m thinking of one of the other tools I use, though. :thinking:

@Obeq since you are relatively new, can you confirm? Were you offered a guided tour of the site when you first logged in?


i’m the perfect model of a bad, lazy user. i come to a site like this, click around a bit, get bored in 5 minutes and wander off.

how wanikani managed to catch me, i have no clue. it’s been a while.


when i came back from my 3 year hiatus, i leveled a new account named @omukai to lvl 9, before i reactivated this one. i didn’t see a guided tour.


Actually, no. I was a bit confused in the beginning, and only found my first lessons by accident. I think it was upon reaching level two that the checklist appeared.


Because it’s so pretty! That was what caught me. And it is a really smooth experience.


Hmm, alright. A guided tour definitely couldn’t hurt. But I still feel that just ensuring that the FAQ is on the checklist should be enough for new users to read it.


Even reading the FAQ only helps so much. Having a guided tour would be much better and can explain much more.


I agree. But the FAQ would at least cover “why WK is so slow” which is the current issue we are discussing.


yes it is. it’s a well done online-version of RTK 1+2 with modern language and humor. it also works remarkably well, so far it’s been the best program i could find for kanji learning (not that i’d still look for any anymore, i’ll stick to this now).

but yeah, i can imagine new users feeling a bit lost.
all the information is out there, but the digging for it can be a PITA, and most people probably don’t bother, that’s where all the threads come from that have been answered a million times.


I disagree there. A good majority of the threads we see a million times are covered in the FAQ which is exactly why people link to it as part of their response to the thread.

Not, all, mind you. But I don’t think the community minds the others as much.


maybe the content of the FAQ could be converted into the tour, or at least displayed there, too.

why is it slow, how does it work. look at pereira’s guide, he did a great job listing it all and showing how the timers work etc, but his thread is a wall of text and new users first have to find it. throwing that kind of info in their face might be helpful.


i know it’s in the FAQ, which is the point: i feel people don’t read it. so if they don’t look for and navigate to the FAQ, then barring functions on WK behind info windows might mend that.