WaniKani Too Slow! Can I speed this up Please!?


It apparently shows up for anyone accessing WK for the first time (so wouldn’t if you reset for example)

And those are just a bunch of screenshots pasted together, they’re all individual and you have to click the button at the bottom of each one to continue to the next portion of the tour

Also by looking at it, I’m wondering if you x-out of the first one (or any of them later on) if it just disappears, then yeah it would be very skippable :upside_down_face:


物足りないな (´;ω;`)


But they need this for lessons and reviews too (if they don’t already). They can explain the small ゅ, etc., on’yomi vs kun’yomi, the background colors, synonyms, and so on.


Lessons and reviews are, indeed, included if you look at the top of MissMisc’s screen shot.


I think @seanblue means to include a tour during first-time lessons/reviews so that it guides you as you’re doing them


Oh! Yes, I totally agree. That would be great.


Yes, what @MissMisc said.


now someone needs to find out which button to press to make the tech guys of wk implement it.


I suppose maybe a tag for @Kristen and/or @viet would be a good start?

Perhaps they would prefer an email. But there was some good discussion in this thread that would be worth a read for the devs to consider for future implementation. I’m sure they are still plenty busy from yesterday’s update, but maybe one day this could be addressed.


@Kristen , how are you in this fine day? Hope today is as bright as your smile.

Listen, read the comments above. We think that a better tour for all new users is needed (to try and end that cycle of why is level 1 so slow/why is this considered wrong/etc).

Let me know your favourite Portuguese food for the bribe.

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JP (and all your other children).


To clarify, the community as a whole has thought this for a while. (most of us, at least, I think)

But this thread in particular has made some good points, counter-points, and suggestions that could help in figuring out what to do.

@Kristen @viet


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that’s casanova though ^^


Wow! This list is amazing! I can’t believe you were able to compile this–that took a lot of effort!


It only took a while on the first go around. Now I just copy-paste my reply to the last version of this thread and add the previous topic to the list. The list continues to grow every time someone makes another post.


Just for some perspective I’ve just completed Lv 60 and will now only be doing reviews. After nearly 2 years of 1-2hrs a day on top of work/family life with a relentless list of lessons and reviews I can’t wait to have a slightly lighter load and finish at the end of Jan regardless of unburnt items. I’m glad I got this far and my reading is so much better BUT I really can’t wait to not have to do it anymore!! It could be argued that after that is when the learning really starts but hopefully that will be at my pace.


arigatou! I will try WK Stats. :wink: