WaniKani Too Slow! Can I speed this up Please!?

Robert, I believe levels 1 through 3 are faster due to years of complaints from users saying Wanikani starting slow. The SRS time for those are half the time compared to the rest of the levels. Level 4 and above, the SRS levels are in the normal time range as specified in the Wanikani user guide. That’s probably why you’re finding level 4 slower than previous levels.

I love this graph. It should always be the first reply to threads like these. Although, I do understand the feeling of excitement when starting studying and wanting more.


It shall be noted that this graph is actually an ideal case. Those of us (cough) with a sieve for a brain won’t see the workload drop at all until after level 60 is complete.


Actually, only the first two levels are sped up.

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You don’t want to go too fast. Once you realize you have to do this EVERYDAY RELIGIOUSLY just to be able to keep up. You will wish it was a little slower. When I started I wanted to go really fast and was taking all the lessons right away but now that I look at it, I can see this is actually a life commitment and that I’m in for a long, long ride. So I’m taking it a little easier now.


Haha ya, in the beginning I used to think all these high levelers who complain about the workload are not passionate enough and I will surely be different. I would still like to think that (chuckle). In the beginning I just wished to learn more and more. Now everytime I get 150+ vocab lessons at once, I’m like oh no…

Everyone is working hard in their own way, it’s a long journey.


i like vocab. it helps with the 3-4 shaky ones i have every level.


Is that so? I was under the impression the free levels (1-3) were sped up.

Back when I started in 2013, they weren’t sped up so I’m not sure.

Or that sweet sweet びと LUL


Due to the nature of the SRS intervals, no, you couldn’t. It takes over a year to complete WK, even at maximum speed. If your reasoning is you have too much time on your hands, then WK isn’t the tool you’re looking for and you should go with something more like Anki. (I know you aren’t saying you have too much time on your hands. Just explaining that even if that were the case, what you said is false.)

Who are you talking to? Talk about derision…

There were plenty of helpful responses here.


Love vocab. Helps with my kanji (which I think is supposed to be its main purpose), and I know people say the vocab you learn on WK isn’t exactly the same vocab you’ll hear casually, but it’s especially exciting when you read or hear vocab you know.

i could indeed, if there wasn’t a limit.

if i had the time, which i do not. other people however might have time, and with wk not taking so long each day, it’s natural for them to feel it’s slow.

sometimes it’s kind of nice to assume the POV of someone else.

My point was that there is and I felt the need to point it out since this thread was created by a newer user who may not know any better. This is an SRS tool and if someone doesn’t wish to follow the set SRS intervals, then another tool would be better for them.


remember my original reply, where i pointed out that there’s the FAQ and pereira’s guide to send people to?

that’s all that’s needed. everything explained there.

I agree, when you get to the double digit levels the game will annihilate you with reviews. I got so far behind last Christmas that I was overwhelmed and took a break.

Sure, but people (myself being the first, and only actually, now that I look back) had already linked those. I was addressing your other points that you, yourself, just pointed out were unnecessary to make.

I didn’t see any comments worthy of being told to “go away”.


we might have a different level of sensitivity regarding this kind of stuff. threads on wk sometimes tend to head towards gank train if it’s not stopped early.

you linking them is admirable. i didn’t speak to anyone in particular btw

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I find it’s usually best to give people the benefit of the doubt on their intentions with posts/comments since we can only base their intentions off text. (no body language, voice tone, etc to help with distinguishing)


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yeah, communication via text only is lackluster. the bane of the internet.

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maybe this long list of threads hints at something?
the FAQ could be more easily accessible, from the dashboard, at least for the free levels.
that people keep posting this means there’s a lack of clarity, and who on earth reads long ass articles on websites on the net they’re just trying out?

not me at least. i’m a lazy bum.