Wanikani takes so much time 😉

So I actually used the Screen Time feature of my phone for the first time.

That’s with

  • three sessions a day
  • 20 lessons per day
  • under 100 Apprentice
  • 150-200 reviews per day

I swear lessons and reviews seem to take forever when doing them but I was kinda surprised to see I only do an hour a day.

Good thing there isn’t a way to measure my Screen Time on the forums. :joy:


This doesn’t include time spent on my laptop, unfortunately.


I feel like time dilates during reviews. Always feels so much longer than it actually is…


Curses! Lol

Not as bad as I thought though.

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at first i thought 6 hours was your daily amount! made me terrified of level 53, i was ready to throw in the towel haha :skull_and_crossbones:


Is there a way to see screen time for specific websites like the forum on MacBook? :thinking:
I looked but it doesn’t appear in ‘apps’ haha

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I think the site-to-site times feature only works for Safari.

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Aw, what a shame.
On second thought, maybe it’s better if I don’t know :joy:
I currently spend 1hr 13mins average in the forum only on mobile :eyes:

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I thought this too, my heart skipped a beat! I feel like WK is going to turn into a bad addiction, I’m constantly checking for reviews throughout the day to the point where I know there’s nothing but I check back anyway… Maybe I’m just dying to get to the higher levels and suffer even more? :joy:

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I’ve done ~350k reviews at this point, I’m not convinced that typing answers is connected to improved learning. Readings probably has the most impact but meanings I find much less so…then there are typos and synonym works arounds and the time to slow type on an app in order to ensure review counts are in check…it is a lot of extra time spent that adds up quickly. Hear it, say it, read it…those are the primary skillsets I want develop. For the last few months, I’ve been doing all my reviews on the Juken app.


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